Why Trading Indices Is More Advantageous

In an era where traders are becoming more paranoid and extra cautious, it is quite a surprise that very few people trade indices. However, it might be shocking to hear that index trading features numerous veiled opportunities waiting to be unveiled. Besides being a lucrative and exciting venture, trading indices offer huge returns with minimal risk. Moreover, unlike with Forex and cryptocurrencies, indices are the least manipulable financial instruments.

Typically, Forex- which does not feature a centralized quotation- can be easily manipulated, with different brokers offering different prices. Similarly, cryptocurrencies exist in low volumes, making them manipulable with a few million dollars.

On the other hand, manipulating indices is impossible since indices trading does not involve buying an index. Additionally, even if you invest a crazy amount of money, say 100 million USD at once, you will only shift the index with a few points. Moreover, the algorithms will eventually detect the inconsistency before immediately returning the price to normalcy. As a result, such an attempt to manipulate an index could result in extensive losses.

All the same, here are more reasons why you should consider adding indices to your portfolio.

Indices Trends

Indices Trends Are Less Volatile

Typically, market trends of indices are affected by the changes in the underlying stocks that encompass the index. Since stocks from similar sectors often trend in the same direction, it means that an index that dominantly represents a particular sector will regularly react accordingly. As a result, in bullish times, for instance, indices will maintain the same trend, thus making them easily predictable.

However, while indices trading is relatively secure, they too can be volatile depending on factors such as political unrests, natural disasters, and economic forecasts, among other geopolitical events. Fortunately, unlike many other forms of assets, an index cannot go bankrupt, be sued, or be affected by competition. It is very unlikely and nearly impossible for an index to rise or drop by more than 10% in a day.

Extensive Diversification

Indices trading allows you to benefit from the dynamism of the global economic situation since you invest in multiple companies (50, 100, 200 companies.) Even if one of the companies is getting hammered, it won’t prevent the index from growing. As a result, you can benefit from both negative and positive dynamics.

Each Index Features A Unique Personality

Another major perk to trading indices is that each index features its own character. With personality differences, indices can adapt to scalping, swing trading, or day trading. Moreover, since they are all typified with unique character traits, it is easy to find and index that suits your personality as a trader. 

Indices Trends

Indices Feature Fewer Whipsaws And Consolidations

Unlike currencies which can consolidate for extended time frames before offering sudden whipsaws, indices rarely consolidate over a long period. Typically, indices will suggest a general trend direction, either upwards or downwards. This makes them a more stable asset that offers less risk of unanticipated unpredictability. Nevertheless, you can still benefit from the sufficient instability offered by indices.

Buy More With Less Research

It is cheaper and easier to buy a Contract For Differences (CFD) on a specific index than trading all stocks comprising it. Moreover, unlike stock trading, indices trading don’t demand a painstaking financial understanding of a particular company. Instead, you can access trading opportunities with only a balanced view of the economy in general. You could buy an index CFD if you believe that the economy could rise in the future. Similarly, short-selling an index occurs when the market is anticipated to fall in the future. Indices trading allows you to speculate on the world’s financial and stock markets without analyzing the performance of individual companies.

Unsurprisingly, modern traders can see the instantaneous advantage of investing in an index instead of individual stocks. PrimeXBT offers a wide range of stock indices that covers global markets. Join PrimeXBT for competitive online index trading with a leveraged trading ratio.


With integrated money management, index trading offers investors a secure form of trading. Moreover, indices trading features lower risks than other financial institutes since an index can never go bankrupt. For instance, if a Dax 30 firm goes bankrupt, it will 4be replaced by a 31st German company. While risk can be lucrative to some extent, it is the death of all traders and should be avoided at all costs.

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