Why Any 21st Birthday Is Incomplete Without a Special Cake

21st & Fantabulous, Legal & Ripened!

Birthdays are one of the most treasured days of the year for anyone, regardless of age, interests, or dislikes. After all, why not? This day has so much to adore about it.

Candles, lights, balloons, birthday gifts, and greetings from loved ones make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. But there is one more essential component of 21st birthday celebration: the cake.

In Singapore, turning 21 is seen as a watershed moment since it confers a slew of benefits, including the ability to legally do certain things and access to all casino floors.

If you’re celebrating your 21st birthday, a great birthday cake will help you commemorate this significant occasion. You’ll find everything you need to make a lively and colorful celebration cake or an exquisite and refined cakes for 21st birthday in this post.

History Behind Addition of Cakes For 21st Birthday

Even if you don’t do anything special, I’m sure you’ll cut a cake because a birthday would be empty without one. However, have you ever pondered why we cut a cake on our birthdays or where this practice came from?

The Ancient Greeks were the first to adopt this custom and add cake to it. What’s the point of cake? On their birthdays, the Greeks required something to bring to Artemis, the goddess of the moon.

The Greeks began by preparing moon-shaped cakes and decorated them with lit candles to make them appear as though they were the moon. That was a brilliant concept!

Their coronation day was also their ‘birthday.’ (It sounds like a fun job until you realize there aren’t any desert sweets.)

Birthday cakes come in a variety of flavors and are enjoyed all around the world on birthdays. The lotus-paste-filled wheat flour bun with a peach-like form and color, is a traditional Chinese birthday cake.

Instead of providing one giant cake, each visitor receives a little shubo. Isn’t it delectable? In Western Russia, birthday children are offered fruit pies with greetings scrawled on them.

The Swedish have a unique birthday cake that looks like a pond cake but has a marzipan topping and is ornamented with their national flag.

Similarly, people in Singapore celebrate their birthdays in a comparable way to people in Western countries.

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Reasons to Celebrate Milestone Birthday: 21st Birthday

There are, nevertheless, some compelling reasons to celebrate milestone birthdays above all others:

  • There are a plethora of 21st birthday slogans.
  • They symbolize a new beginning and a period of introspection.
  • Their prominence is reflected in party favors and greeting cards.
  • People are aware that these are “significant” birthdays.
  • They commemorate aging with celebrations since we recall our own milestone birthdays more than others.
  • They demonstrate that we care and set a good example for our children.

Why You Must Consider Custom Cakes for 21st Birthday

Enhances the joy of your 21st

While we have a specific style of party cuisine, adding a cake to the mix adds excitement and joy to the occasion, making it truly unique. As a result, having a cake in the house adds to the joy of the occasion.

Adds a touch of elegance to your birthday

Cakes aren’t just for birthdays and anniversaries; they can be used to celebrate almost every occasion. Cakes are an essential component of every celebration, from weddings to baby showers, success parties, promotions, and farewells to festivals like Christmas and New Year.

Cakes are unique, regardless of age

People of all ages anticipate a wonderful cake to commemorate a special occasion. cakes for 21st birthday can make  everyone feel special and important. Well, there is no age limit for giving a cake as a present, and this gesture is sure to gratify everyone.

Celebrations for 21st Birthday

If you know a 21 year old who would love a night out on the town, go ahead and schedule that thrilling night out. Keep in mind, however, that not everyone enjoys drinking, even if it is allowed to do so.

As a result, organize a 21st birthday celebration around what you know the individual will appreciate. Also, take in mind that a 21 year old can have a number of younger pals. As a result, the best form of party is one that starts or ends somewhere where everyone can enjoy themselves, such as a house party.


We all know what a twenty-first century entails nowadays. Even in Singapore, where you’ve been legally allowed to drink for a few years, the spirit of drinking oneself stupid doesn’t seem to have died. Instead of forgetting about this significant event, why not do something unique and fantastic with all of your friends? So, Tings Bakery has a wide choice of cakes for 21st birthday. Let the fun begin!

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