Electric Skateboard

What is a Good Speed for an Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboard replaces traditional skateboard and has more feature than old one. Skating is the favorite of kids and adults. If we talk about kids, we want to give them safe skateboards and control them. As we talk about electronic skateboards, we are afraid to give our kids because we think that may be a severe issue like over speed and controlling extra. But if you want to provide safe and controllable boards to your kids, Lumbuy is the best place for you to gift your kids. You can give your kids a secure gift to run on the road because you can control your speed kid’s ride.

Now the question is why you chose Lumbuy

There are many reasons you choose lumbuy. We offer you some features that make us different and perfect for you. Suppose you love to drive skateboard at speed, but if you increase speed, you must have a high-quality speed feature that controls it without taking more time.

Electric Skateboard

What’s lumbuy offers you:

Following are the features of the electric skateboard.

Easy to control the speed

Both generations love skating and want to show skating skills. We want to gift our kids that they are safe and in control. Suppose you love to drive skateboard at speed, but if you increase speed, you must have a high-quality speed feature that controls it without taking more time. So we offer an electric skateboard that is easy to maintain speed.

Wireless remote

Kids are stubborn and want skate4board, but you hesitate to give them? Now don’t worry about buying them their favorite skateboard. We offer you wireless remote control to easily control the speed to provide a perfect ride to your kids. in simple words. It will bring you closer to your kids. 

Sometimes, it becomes challenging when we are at high speed and want to control it. But we give you high-quality brakes that help you control and make your rides safe.


If you want to control the speed of the electric skateboard, the board’s weight also plays a vital role. Lumbuy offers you a skateboard with lightweight to control them smoothly. So the weight of the board also plays an important role in performance.

High-quality tires

Brakes and speed control depend on tires, so you can easily control the speed if your board has high quality. Usually, the speed of your board depends on your choice. We have a long list of electric boards with different speeds. You can have your favorite one. We care for you and can offer only those safe products to use. So if you are gifting an electric board to your kids, it’s safe to give them because our products are safe to use. We have checked all the tire safety checks to make your rides more comfortable and smooth.

Electric Skateboard

Long-lasting battery

We offer you a long-lasting and lightweight battery that doesn’t affect your rides. You can have long rides because battery time is extended. There is also an indicator that informs you about the percentage of battery. This indication also saves from miss happening on the roads.

Different designs

The speed and quality of your rides depend on the designs of the electric boards. We offer you various designed boards that give your boards a different and stylish look. If you are a unique look lover, lumbuy is for you. We offer you a long list to choose from for your kids. There are different colors and designs.


In simple words, we want a safe product for our kids. Suppose you are a young one. You also want to have an electric skateboard that is safe to have rides. So when you are thinking about safety lumbuy has electric skateboards that are safe because you can control them. All the details are available on our official site. You can check our electric skateboards.

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