What are the 5 most important and crucial concepts of SEO

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the skill of digital marketing experts to rank a website higher in the Google SERP. If your website is persistently ranking higher on the Google SERP against any keyword, then you need a lot of effort and consistency to make it happen. The Bigcommerce SEO and the SEO experts believe, SEO is a key element to boost traffic on your website, this is critical for increasing the revenues of an organization. If you are not able to rank your website higher on the Google SERP, then how you are going to improve the traffic on your website.

 Digital marketing experts are always in search of organic traffic for their websites. For this, they have to implement SEO strategies. Organic traffic is the traffic that every digital marketing expert dreams of, as these are the people looking purely for your product and service. Once your target audience is coming towards your website, you can convert them into your customers, by adding different features to your website. For example, if you are running a Fashion retail outlet business, you can run a discounted offer for the customers of a particular region or area.

In this article, we are discussing 5 important features of SEO, which an organization should focus on:

The keywords search for SEO:

 Keyword search is the most critical every each point in starting your SEO campaign, The digital marketing experts believe your keyword search is the basis of your SEO campaign. If you have chosen your keyword perfectly, then you can build the whole construction on the strong base of the keywords. It involves, the complete analysis, what your competitor is choosing, and the keywords you think have the potential to rank your website higher on the SERP.

For this, you have to identify the terms you think are crucial for the ranking of your website. Google provides a clear sight of the user preferences, you can analyze the keywords search from Google. Still, you have to use the keywords technically, so the pure organic traffic comes towards your website, you can use long-tail keywords, to attract more pure organic traffic towards your website.

Content marketing and your SEO campaign: 

When potential keywords are identified by the digital marketing experts, content writing comes into play, the good quality content is critical for making your SEO campaign successful and productive. Google and top search engines, ranks the website higher in SERP ranking, having good quality and well-researched content. It is important to create quality content for your product and services, plagiarized content may rank your website lower in the Google SERP ranking.

A good piece of content can boost your SERP ranking tremendously, so websites continuously win the place on the first page of Google SERP, always trying to produce high-quality content to educate their clientele.

Link building for your website:

Every SEO expert is always looking for backlinks for the website. Google and other search engines weigh high on a website, having quality backlinks for their website. There are continuous marketing efforts needed to generate quality backlinks for your website. In this regard the quality content can be a great impetus for your website, if you have quality content for your website, you can exchange links with valued sites.

You can use guest posts and blog posts to place in the valued sites and gather their backlink. For this, you need to build good relationships with the webmasters and submit your website to the web directories, and always try other websites to place your link on their websites.

When a website getting good backlinks, it can tremendously improve its SERP ranking, as a website like BBC can be ranked # 1 against countless keywords. So getting a backlink from such a website can be a great booster in your SERP against your keywords.

On-page optimization of the website:

 As you need  Off-page factors such as backlinks for your website, you also need to improve the structure of the website. It is greatly beneficial for improving the SEO of your website. You can use the keywords to incorporate in the URL of the website, to get the maximum traffic along with title tags of the pages to attract the relevant searches. You can use the images to use the alt attribute. 

The Page meta descriptions can be beneficial in improving the on-page SEO of your page. The meta description has no direct impact on the SERP but it can increase the click rate as users find the website relevant to its search or query. The on-page SEO is a continuous improvement of your website according to the changing requirements. Website having interactive features, largely approached by the customers.

 Such websites have the least bounce rate, so Google Rank Interactive websites are higher in their ranking. E-commerce websites should try to make the website, by keeping in mind the convenience of the user.

Improve the site architecture: 

For websites, the external likes are not the only thing that the SEO experts are looking for, the links within the website also have great importance for SEO campaigns. You can improve the SEO of a page by linking it internally with the pages of your website, so users can move easily from one page to another and back to the first page. For specific terms, you can use internal links within a page and back to the main page. 

The user accessibility to every page is crucial and should be made easy when you are designing the site architecture. It is better to use the XML sitemap for your website, as it also makes the Google crawler easily crawl from one page to another. Google ranks those websites higher, having the easy readability of pages.


SEO is the most crucial factor for promoting and advertising your website on the internet. You have to consider the fact, the website is your product and you are selling it in the market by your advertising campaign, which is your SEO. You have to design each and every step of your SEO  campaign effectively, to win the market.

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