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Top Five Reasons to Outsource your Agile PLM In 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly changed the ways businesses operate across the entire globe. The companies went through the reassessment processes, particularly recruitment efforts and manpower costs. It resulted in layoffs in the majority of the sectors.

In the present market scenario, you will see an increased product complexity by three times and a shortened product lifecycle by 50%. The reason is that customers are demanding product variation along with a personal touch. For businesses to survive in the competitive era, they must be agile and respond to the changes quickly.

In this rat race, there’s less time to focus on product innovations and growth, and also there is not enough manpower. Enterprises all over the world are revising their business strategies to ensure better productivity and competitive preparedness for the future. So, what is the answer to all these issues?

The answer is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). It is the technology that connects data, people, and processes of the product lifecycle from the concept design to the manufacturing stage. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software is not just for the operating and engineering teams. PLM manages the complete evolution of the product lifecycle, allowing a full-spectrum view of the product. It handles different facets of how a company develops products across multiple global cross-functional teams.

When you decide to implement and run a new PLM solution into your existing system, it will be a big project. You will need investment, time, and the right resource experts for that. In such a scenario, outsourcing to the PLM experts like Xavor Corporation is a better option rather than burdening your in-house teams. Outsource your agile PLM outsourcing cuts the business costs by 25 to 45%. It also enhances operational efficiency by almost 45 to 65%.

Benefits of PLM Outsourcing in the Present Times

The Company Can Focus More on Business Strategy Rather Than Hunting for PLM Experts

With the rising competition, the pandemic has challenged every enterprise and consumed the reserves leading to financial losses. To remain competitive in the market, the main focus of companies must be enhancing efficiency in the daily workflow along with scaling productivity. In such a case, an external PLM expert is the most beneficial choice. PLM outsourcing experts help you analyze the product complexity and offer a well-charted PLM implementation strategy. The strategy aligns perfectly with organization requirements, overcoming challenges, and results in an improved ROI.

Better Risk Management

With efficient PLM training, an external PLM expert ensures immediate troubleshooting PLM processes and assistance. They handle and fix bugs effectively during a crisis and make sure that the issue resolution processes are in place.

While launching a new product; development, design, and quality checks of new offerings can be overwhelming for the businesses. An outsourcing team conveniently identifies these enhanced demands and offers transparent new product development or introduction management services. The PLM outsourcing partner eliminates risks, ensures accurate process analysis and mapping, reporting improvements, and ensures successful completion of projects.

Access To The Latest Technological Trends

To fulfill the unique requirements that arise over time, one must be aware of the latest technological trends. When you Outsource your agile PLM to expert, you get access to their expertise, knowledge, and tools as well. A technology-driven business integrates the new and latest technology trends well in its processes. Working with the PLM outsourcing experts helps you get access to the latest technologies at a relatively reduced cost. For instance, when you adopt a digital twin technology with a PLM solution, it helps you validate product performance across the product lifecycle.

Bring Expert Knowledge from the Outside

Outsource your agile plm always offers an enterprise easy access to the best minds in the industry. Hiring external experts brings in better agility and flexibility to work. It also means that the external PLM expert implements and customizes PLM and makes the project a priority, delivering it in the agreed-up timeframe. Everything and everyone on your end will be on schedule.

PLM implementation and customization are costly and timely processes, but with the right PLM outsourcing experts like Xavor, you can reduce the business costs by 25 to 45%.

At Xavor, we help you identify gaps in your existing processes, documentation, and PLM concept, suggesting solutions according to your business needs.

Flexibility To Ramp Up and Down

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the initial slowing down of projects, which created opportunities for experienced PLM experts available at affordable costs. Businesses accessed this existing talent tool and ramped up their teams. PLM outsourcing model aids in controlling business costs by eliminating the need to hire or train new staff, investing in office space and equipment, and enhancing occupancy costs.


Many organizations have talented teams but still lack the latest technology trends and updates. We at Xavor have a growing and dynamic team committed to identifying gaps in your existing business processes and systems. We offer intelligent agile PLM solutions using innovation and technology with years of experience and expertise gained from working with different customers on diverse projects.

Contact us today if you’re looking for skilled PLM outsourcing experts.

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