Top 5 Reasons To Use Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting is the type of hosting service where a server is allocated to one customer for one purpose, such as hosting a website.

Dedicated servers differ from shared hosting, whereby a server hosts multiple customers. A dedicated server is also referred to as dedicated hosting and can be offered in-house or externally as a service provided by a data center facility. Here are the top five benefits of a dedicated server.

Guaranteed Uptime

In a world where people prefer convenience and consumers are not accustomed to waiting, it is crucial to ensure that your website is always functional. Website downtime can culminate into clients moving to your competitors.

Dedicated server hosting enables stability and high performance and makes sure that websites and other business operations remain operational nearly 100 percent of the time, usually 99.5 percent and above. For this reason, a dedicated server primarily gives you backup and server monitoring facilities besides the general support services to keep your tasks running seamlessly.

Fast Load Speed

More available assets enable elements to load faster. Software hosted on a dedicated server will run faster than that hosted in a shared hosting environment.

One of the primary SEO factors Google uses to actuate search engine rankings is website speed. Thus, a fast website will help your organization rank higher in search results. At the moment, results on the first page on Google load after 1.19 seconds, and page two results load after 1.29 seconds. The most efficient way for a complex site to gain these speeds is to depend on a dedicated server.

Speed is directly proportional to your bottom line. Site speed is a crucial factor in conversion rates.

Higher Security Levels

According to Liquid Web, a dedicated server offers you a “superior level of security out of the box.” Unlike a virtual private server, a dedicated server and the resources connected to it don’t reside on a machine that is transmitting multiple points of data. Since the resource is not shared, physical access to the machine is much more controlled compared to alternative hosting environments and server configurations. Physical security is a primary factor in the security of your business data. When buying a dedicated server from a hosting company, the dedicated servers are contained in a secure data center with access points that are controlled for on-site personnel. Such a high level of security makes PCI and HIPAA compliance effortless to achieve with a dedicated server.

Flexibility and Customization

As your company grows, a dedicated server will continue to accommodate your increasing business needs. Compared to other modes of hosting, dedicated servers provide you with the greatest resilience and flexibility. Dedicated server hosting lets your business control resources without restrictions and can be scaled back or upgraded within your contract limit. A dedicated server can be tailored and customized specifically to suit your particular business needs. You can manage your environment fully remotely with administrator rights using an efficient control panel.

Unique IP Address

Shared services host multiple clients that use one IP address. If one client performs black hat SEO or spamming, search engines can penalize this IP address, which will affect every website on that server.

A business that chooses dedicated hosting receives a unique IP address, and you will not have to worry about other people’s activities because you are solely responsible for the health of your server’s IP address.

Although a dedicated server may not be suitable for everyone, a company with a use case that needs dedicated hosting cannot function properly with any other model of hosting. So if your business can benefit from the advantages of a dedicated server listed above, consider renting or deploying a server that can keep up with your business needs.

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