wedding gown preservation

Tips on wedding gown preservation that nobody discusses

You probably know this already but heavy wedding gowns that are made from heavy fabrics or carry lots of embellishments, cannot be out on a hanger and should instead be laid flat. The first step of doing so is to zip it up, or button it up properly. The next job is to find a sturdy wedding gown preservation box and lots of acid-free tissue paper.

Here are a few tips on how to handle the gown till the wedding day.

  • Transporting the gown: When you are bringing the wedding gown from the store, make sure it is properly wrapped and boxed. You can even lay the gown flat on the rear seat of the car. In fact, experts believe that it is always better to spread the wedding gown and give it as much space as possible. This prevents it from unnecessary wrinkles, especially before the big day.
  • Keep the gown safe till the big day: When it comes to storing the wedding gown properly, always choose a low-traffic area in your house. Don’t remove the gown from the bag or box until it’s absolutely necessary. However, if your gown came in a plastic wrapping, remove the gown from the plastic wrap and then place it in a garment bag. Prolong storage in plastic wrapping leads to stains and yellowing in the long run.
  • Keep it away from dampness and heat: Exposure to heat and dampness can damage the wedding gown. In fact, storing the gown in the attic or in the basement makes it prone to stains and mold buildup. Therefore, it’s always better to store the gown in a temperature controlled/ regulated area. If the place doesn’t seem damp-free, use a dehumidifier.
  • Do not handle the gown too often: Your wedding is just around the corner and so, it’s quite understandable for you to have the urge of taking your dress out from the wedding gown preservation box and trying it on. However, you should resist the urge to constantly check the dress and show it to guests, if you want it to stay in its pristine form. Do not touch it too often. A quick visual check should be enough to find out if the dress is in perfect condition.
  • Traveling with the wedding gown: Are you going to have a destination wedding? Well, in that case, it is imperative for you to travel with the gown. However, in such a case, never carry the gown as check-in luggage or a hand-baggage. Talk to the airline staff and have them hang it somewhere safe during the course of the journey, so that it doesn’t develop creases. If that is not an option, you can have it transported in an archival box, a.k.a. a wedding gown preservation box.
  • Steaming and pressing: Sometimes, simply hanging the dress gets most wrinkles to go away. If not, you can even hang it in the bathroom while a hot shower is running. This is a great tip for those who are probably struggling to find an easy way to deal with wrinkles and creases. However, if you’re not too confident about the process, you can send the gown to a reliable dry cleaner. Find a professional store adept at handling designer garments such as wedding gowns.

Key takeaway

When it comes to gown preservation, you’d have to be extra cautious, because sometimes, even the most valiant effort from your end may prove insufficient. Once the wedding day is over, have the gown sent over to a professional wedding gown cleaning and preservation service. They would assess the gown and come up with a requisite cleaning and preservation process. The best part? In spite of what most brides believe, wedding gown preservation is a thorough and cost-effective process – one that keeps your wedding gown in perfect shape and color, without breaking the bank.

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