Things You Should Know About Nose Piercing

We all love expressing ourselves by choosing to wear the jewellery of our choice. Of all the accessories out there, nose rings are considered to provide the most bold and edgy look. It is one reason why many people have resorted to nose piercing. While some wanted to wear a gold nose ring design they could flaunt, others just wanted to feel like a member of the tribe by getting a septum nose piercing or whatever piercing type a particular group prefers.

If you, too, have decided to get a nose piercing done, we have something amazing for you. To help your nose piercing journey much easier, we’ve curated an epic guide that has everything you need to know about the piercing process.

Nose Piercing

What is Nose Piercing Exactly?

Before you proceed any further, be sure what you’re getting yourself into, and having the basics clear always helps. For the uninitiated, nose piercing is the piercing of the cartilage of the nose. It has varying placement, and people get to wear different types of nose rings on their place of piercing.

From simple hoops to flashy gemstone nose rings – the options are seemingly endless. Nose piercing is also a great way to attract peoples’ attention to your face, and both men and women can do it. But before you head to a piercing professional, remember that it will cause mild discomfort.

Different Nose Piercing Stages

Now that you’re aware of what nose piercing exactly is, let’s head on to learn about its different stages.

Inflammation Stage

The first nose piercing stage is the inflammation stage which you get into just after piercing. You will feel mild discomfort during the first week, and the skin around the nose ring can feel red and irritated. It is normal as the skin is in its healing stage for the initial days. Don’t pick at the swelled area to avoid any harmful results. If the discomfort exceeds and continues after a week, head to a medical professional for a check-up.

Nose Piercing

Healing Proliferate Stage

After the inflammation stage comes the healing proliferative stage. You will experience some discomfort and may also notice bleeding, swelling, and bruising in and around the piercing area. As the piercing spot will be tender to touch, avoid touching it without any reason. Some people also notice the secret of yellow fluid, and if you witness it too, don’t worry as it is not puss. It is a fluid consisting of dead blood cells, lymph, and blood plasma. Your nostrils might completely heal in around two months, but for some, this period can be extended.

Maturation Stage

After all the discomfort suffered in the first two stages comes the last stage, i.e., the maturation stage. It is during this stage that your nostrils have healed completely after a period of two to four months. You can easily change your nose ring during this time without experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Having some basic knowledge of the after-effects or different stages of events helps a lot.

Tips for Nose Piercing Aftercare

The best part of getting a nose piercing is it’s easy to maintain. You just have to ensure the area you got pierced remains clean. It is ideal to clean the pierced area twice a day using a mild saline solution. You should avoid touching the area to prevent the introduction of bacteria. If absolutely necessary, make sure you touch the area after cleaning your hands.

If you take into account all the details shared above, you will experience a smooth nose piercing journey like no other. 

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