The Purebred Beauceron

The Purebred Beauceron is one of many breeds that has recently become popular for use as a family pet. The dog was originally created in France, and today the Purebred Beauceron is considered to be native to France. The Purebred Beauceron has also been used as an all purpose farm dog, and it’s due to this ancestry that Purebred Beaucerons are often more independent than most other breeds. Purebred Beauceron’s can generally get along well with people, but they are not recommended for homes with small children.

Purebred Beaucerons are generally very intelligent dogs, which makes them highly trainable. Trainability is one of the main reasons why Purebred Beaucerons are so popular as family pets. Purebred Beaucerons are exceptionally loyal, and they are very protective of their owners. Purebred Beaucerons bond well with other dogs, but Purebred Beaucerons should always be supervised when around smaller animals.

Purebred Beaucerons have a high prey drive, which means that they will likely see small animals as prey. Purebred Beauceron’s will need to be properly socialized, and this should occur as soon as possible to help prevent Purebred Beaucerons from becoming excessively distracted by smaller animals or objects. Purebred Beaucerons require plenty of daily exercise, and they enjoy running and playing with their owners.

Purebred Beauceron

Other Names:

  • Berger de Beauce
  • Bas Rouge
  • Red Stocking
  • Beauce Shepherd




The Purebred Beauceron should be taken for a long walk every day. In addition, it’s also a good idea to alternate between two different types of exercise at least once a week so as not to overwork the dog. Possible activities include: running, biking, hiking/walking through a forest or field, hunting/tracking, skijoring, playing with a ball or Frisbee.

Warning: Purebred Beauceron’s love to dig and chew, hence they will need lots of toys at home. It is also important not to leave shoes around as those will be destroyed almost instantly.

Height Weight:

Height: 24 – 27 ½ inches (32 – 70 cm)

Weight: Up to 110 pounds (50 kg)

Health Problems:

The Purebred Beacerson is a loyal and intelligent creature, but its bad breeding may make you think twice about taking one home. Find out if the Purebred Beauceron is right for you.

Before we get into Purebred Beauceron health problems, let’s discuss what they are and where they come from:

The Purebred Beacerson is a breed of dog that was created in France by crossing Shepherds and Carthusian Scent Hounds (Beaucerons). The result was a tough working animal with fast reactions and great senses. In 1765, the Purebred Beacerson was recognized as a purebreed by French authorities who named it ‘Chien Berger de Brie’ or ‘Beacerson’.

Purebred Beauceron

In the 1860s, Purebred Beachersons were imported to America and used as guard dogs. Purebred Beaucerons made great guard dogs who would not hesitate to fight against any intruder, but they proved themselves even more useful when they were also taught to herd sheep.

Today Purebred Beacerson lovers in Europe still use Purebred Beacersons to work their herds while Purebred Beauceron fans in America enjoy this dog’s companionship and loyalty without relying on them for farm work. Purebred Beaucerons have been known throughout history as being a very humble breed when it comes to food, tending towards obesity easily when overfed. This doesn’t mean that the Purebreed cannot compete with other breeds in terms of intelligence. Purebred Beaucerons have been known to be comparable if not superior to other breeds in many categories, including training for both work and entertainment purposes.

In general Purebred Beachersons tend to live between 10-12 years long which is a relatively short lifespan when compared with other purebreeds, but the Purebred Beauceron only suffers from a few Purebred Beauceron health problems, such as:

Hip Dysplasia: Purebred Beachersons may suffer from Purebred Beacerson hip dysplasia. This is a problem that appears in Purebred Beachersons when the femur head does not fit properly into the pelvic socket of the hip joint. Purebred Beacerson hip dysplasia starts out as a mild problem, but becomes progressively more severe over time if Purebred Beauceron is not treated. Treatments for Purebred Beacerson hip dysplasia are usually surgery to replace the ball of the femur with one made of tungsten carbide so that Purebred Beachersons can walk with less pain.

Eye Problems: Purebred Beauceron eye problems are usually congenital, meaning that Purebred Beachersons are born with them. The most common Purebred Beauceron health problems in the eyes are Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and cataracts. PRA Purebred Beauceron disease is a degenerative Purebred Beauceron eye disease in which Purebred Beachersons lose their eyesight because the rod and cone cells of the retina slowly die. Symptoms include night blindness and eventual total blindness. Purebred Beaucersons who suffer from PRA usually live only until they reach 3 years old.

Living Conditions:

The Beauceron will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. They are moderately active indoors and will do best with at least a large yard.

Purebred Beauceron


The Purebred Beauceron is a very energetic and powerful dog that requires a lot of exercise everyday. It’s important to make sure you’re dog gets the proper amount of exercise needed to keep it healthy, active, and happy.

The Purebred Beauceron will likely be happier if provided with regular opportunities to explore and interact with its owner on an ongoing basis on a daily basis. The Purebred Beauceron should have access to plenty on room both indoors and outdoors where he can move around for extended periods of time day or night without being restricted.

The Purebred Beauceron breed is social by nature so they are generally not suited for life as an outside-only dog. However, if you are looking for some sort of guard or protection dog the Purebred Beauceron might do well as an outside-only dog if it’s provided with a lot of other animals and people for company.

The Purebred Beauceron is energetic and should be kept busy both physically and mentally throughout its life. It can become bored quite easily which leads to destructive behavior, so it’s important to make sure they have enough toys and activities to keep them occupied during the day without getting too tired out.

As far as training goes, Purebred Beaucerons are intelligent but can sometimes challenge you because of their stubbornness. They need to be trained by someone who has the confidence and patience to handle them correctly because otherwise they’ll just ignore what you’re saying no matter how much they understand. Purebred Beaucerons are a good match for obedience training and some other activities, but not recommended for the novice dog owner due to how stubborn they can be.

The Purebred Beauceron is a very large breed with adult males weighing between 56-68 pounds and standing at 21-24 inches tall. It has short, thick fur that usually comes in any of the following colors: white, gray, rust/fawn, or mahogany. Purebred Beaucerons are generally good with children but only when they’re raised along side them since they can be somewhat aggressive towards strangers – especially if not socialized properly.

Life Expectancy:

About 10-12 years.

Litter Size:

About 6 to 7 puppies


The coat of the Beauceron does not require a great deal of attention. An occasional grooming with more attention during the time when the dog is shedding is sufficient. Beaucerons are average shedders.



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