The Importance of Keeping an Eye on Cryptocurrency News

Blockchain technology and bitcoin have been gaining acceptance by the mainstream. Exchanges like the CME and the  vClub Shop, Wall Street investment banks and even Elon Musk have all taken a keen interest in cryptocurrency. However, cryptocurrency prices have become increasingly volatile in recent days, and many individual investors are wondering where this new technology will take them. JPMorgan Chase has recently stated that it is considering the use of blockchain technology for more cost-effective transactions, while Silvergate bank has changed its course to focus on the digital currency industry.

The emergence of new cryptocurrency trading platforms and a number of regulatory decisions have fueled much of the recent media coverage of the industry. In addition to a major change in blockchain protocol, new regulations or other important news stories can affect the price of cryptocurrencies. If a new regulation is announced, more buying pressure can be put on the assets, while major regional or global news stories can cause selling pressure. These news stories can cause an extreme swing in price, so it is vital to keep a close eye on cryptocurrency news.

As the number of digital coins continues to increase exponentially, scaling issues are an important concern for cryptocurrencies. The number of transactions a crypto-currency can process is huge, dwarfing those processed by VISA. Because of this, speed is a crucial metric. Without massive scaling of infrastructure, cryptocurrencies will never compete with major players like MasterCard. This evolution is complex, but there are solutions. Some solutions include sharding and lightning networks.

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, with Ethereum and smaller altcoins following the trend. It recently hit a new record high, but it has been notorious for its volatility. While normal fluctuations can cause fluctuations in the price, experts recommend that investors avoid making major changes based on price fluctuations. In addition, because of the new technology behind cryptocurrency, innovation and regulation could have an outsized impact on prices. If you’re interested in learning more about the cryptocurrency market, consider following our blog.

Cryptocurrency has also been embraced by several countries, such as Turkey and India. It is now gaining popularity due to high inflation, the depreciating Turkish lira, and interest rate cuts. The number of people investing in cryptocurrency is growing exponentially and the numbers could even double in the next few years. As such, it is important to understand that the popularity of cryptocurrency is far from over. If you’re considering investing in it, make sure you understand the risks and benefits before you begin investing.

Bitcoin has plummeted by more than 50% from its all-time high of $68,000 in the first half of May. Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies followed suit. The crypto market is now closely tracking the stock markets in recent weeks. Despite rising interest rates and inflation, investors are increasingly moving their funds to safer assets. This trend may continue in 2019.