David Yurman Watch

The Collection of David Yurman Watch

Discover David Yurman’s background as a metalworker in this introduction to His signature collections. Learn about His early work as well as the many limited edition watches He offers. Each watch in His collections is a statement of his personality and style. You’ll love how unique and modern they are.

David Yurman’s background in metalworking

David Yurman has a background in metalworking, which influences his designs and technique. He studied at New York University before leaving to hitchhike to Big Sur, California, where he became involved in the beatnik movement. In the late 1960s, he returned to New York and collaborated with artists including Hans Van de Bovenkamp. During this period, he also met Sybil Kleinrock, an artist from the Bronx.

While in school, David Yurman learned welding from Ernesto Gonzalez, an Argentine metalwork teacher. This helped him create three-dimensional forms using molten metal rods. He then went on to work for sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp, where he met his wife Sybil. During their time together, they began experimenting with different metal sculptures and jewelry designs.

Classic collection

David Yurman’s background in metal working allowed him to create unique pieces that were not conventionally available in jewelry stores. He is the first major jewelry designer to set diamonds in sterling silver, a practice that changed the industry. Today, David Yurman offers a diverse jewelry line that includes bridal jewelry, timepieces, and more.

His early work

David Yurman’s early work combines geometric abstraction and organic form. During his early years, he hitchhiked to California and became part of the beatnik generation. He apprenticed under Jacques Lipchitz, and later founded his own art studio on Sullivan Street in San Francisco. During this period, he was influenced by a wide variety of artists and he eventually met his wife, Sybil Kleinrock.

His marriage to Sybil Yurman in 1979 led to the creation of a company that focused on sculptural jewelry. The pair eventually became the founders of the David Yurman Company, which grew from a small workshop to a major international company selling $1 million to $2 million in jewelry a year. In 2003, they expanded their business to include watchmaking and established a company in Switzerland. The brand won an award at Baselworld for its innovative booth design in 2006.

Classic collection

At a young age, David Yurman discovered his passion for art when he discovered a book containing cave paintings. He later went on to learn how to create 3-dimensional forms from molten metal rods. During this time, he also worked as a sculptor for Hans Van de Bovenkamp. While under Bovenkamp’s tutelage, he met Sybil, a painter who would later become his wife.

His signature collections

If you are looking for an exquisite and sophisticated jewelry set, consider David Yurman’s signature collections. Each piece incorporates a variety of artistic techniques, including cable details, lustrous pearls and brilliant diamonds. Whether you are looking for a special occasion piece or just a simple piece for everyday wear, you’ll find a unique design in David Yurman’s collections.

The signature collections are available in both gold and silver. The Chatelaine(r) line features signature gems set in delicate, layered settings. Diamond-covered prongs surround each stone for a look that is both beautiful and sophisticated. This collection also offers classic styles updated with color. Drop earrings with delicate cable motif are an iconic design in this collection.

Classic collection

The designer first met Sybil Yurman while living in New York. They developed a creative and romantic relationship over the years. The two teamed up to create a range of beautiful and classic jewelry, including cufflinks and watches. In 1983, they introduced the first of their signature pieces, the cable bracelet. This piece has now become the brand’s throughline and is a staple of David Yurman’s collections.

His limited edition watches

David Yurman’s designs are incredibly popular, and his limited edition David Yurman watch are no exception. His pieces are renowned for their beautiful craftsmanship, and his designs are influenced by nature and the natural world. One of his most famous pieces is the Cable bracelet, which was inspired by the metalworking skills he learned as a teenager. The Cable bracelet has become a symbol of the brand, and is one of the most sought-after pieces for jewelry lovers.

Classic collection

The Classic collection includes three new watches, all with beautiful designs. The CLASSIC Black Chronograph features 21 jewels, and the CLASSIC Black Automatic features a 42-hour power reserve. The three new watches are part of a new limited edition series. You can choose between a stainless steel case and a sterling silver cable strap.

David Yurman’s limited edition watches have many special features. For example, the Shelby 1000 watch is a replica of the Shelby 1000 race car. Each Shelby timepiece is limited to 150 pieces and retails for between $7,200 and $8,600. Both of these models are available at retail stores, so you should not have any trouble finding one that suits your taste.