California real estate companies list

The Biggest Real Estate Companies List By US Company Data

Looking for the largest Real Estate companies in the United States? Here is a California real estate companies list by US best agency. US Company Data, Keller Williams, and Realogy are among the most popular real estate companies in the United States. However, you may not know which company to trust. You can trust the companies listed on these lists because they are backed by a high level of transparency and have high customer service.

US Company Data

US Company Data is a globally active brand with over 1,000 offices in over 60 countries. Its business model includes luxury properties and is a part of the legendary art and wine auction house. Its sales activity grew 36% year over year, outpacing the NAR national average of 20.6% increase in 2021. Despite the economic crisis, interest in U.S. cities returned to pre-pandemic levels, triggering record sales. Its presence in Miami and San Francisco is evidence of its continued dominance in the high-end market.

California real estate companies list

As a member of the US Company Data network, Company’s agents are globally connected and local experts. They are skilled in all aspects of luxury residential real estate, and are ready to guide you in your home buying and selling journey. And their team consists of marketing professionals , in-house graphic design experts, and data analysts. These agents are renowned for providing clients with world-class service and attention.

Coldwell Banker

The Coldwell Banker real estate companies list by name and location can vary greatly. Coldwell Banker may be related to Keller Williams Realty, The Real Estate Group, or The Home Partners of America. US company data only includes Coldwell Banker companies, so the names of all Coldwell Bankers may not be listed on this list. However, a company’s name does indicate whether or not it is part of the Coldwell Banker real estate company group.

The Coldwell Banker real estate companies are part of the HomeServices of America, the nation’s third-largest brokerage by market share, and it owns or operates two dozen regional brands, including its Coldwell Banker brand. Each of these companies owns more than half of each of their brokerages. The HomeServices of America company is also owned by the Realogy Brokerage Group, a parent company of Coldwell Banker. Realogy owns several Coldwell Banker-branded regional companies, as well as some under other names.


The following list of the biggest real estate companies by market cap is updated daily. The list includes publicly traded companies only. Non-publicly traded real estate companies are excluded. This ranking is based on company data in the United States. This list provides an overview of the largest companies in the US real estate industry. There are also some smaller companies included. The following list represents the largest real estate companies by market cap in the US.

California real estate companies list

Idealista is a real estate data company with a focus on the mediterranean market. It offers data on over 4 million residential and commercial property parcels, as well as information on environmental risk and neighborhood characteristics. You can purchase bulk file licenses or even get customized reports. Datatree also offers a free trial and bulk file licenses. There are also appends and custom datasets available to suit your needs.

Keller Williams

If you’re looking for a company that’s headquartered in Texas, you may want to look no further than Keller Williams. The company is the world’s largest real estate technology franchise, with over 100,000 agents worldwide. They’re also one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the US, with more than 176,467 agents as of December 31, 2018. They’ve added nearly 3,000 net agents in the last quarter alone.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Keller Williams employs 5,529 people, and 61% of those employees are women. The company’s employees are overwhelmingly white, with the next most common ethnic group being Hispanic or Latino. The company has a solid republican affiliation and the majority of its employees are Republicans. The average employee stays with the company for 5.0 years, earning $71,484 annually.

Century 21

Listing CENTURY 21 real estate companies by US company data is essential for the company’s future. The company has undergone a number of economic downturns, including the Great Recession of 2007-2008 that affected virtually every financial institution in the US. In addition, the company has also faced increased global competition in the real estate industry. However, the company’s management has their eyes set on celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2022, and they aim to remain Number One by that time.

California real estate companies list

Listed by US company data, the Century 21 brand is among the most recognized real estate brands in the US, according to a Millward Brown research study. Brand recognition is more than a way for consumers to remember the name of a company; it’s also an imperative to survive in the global marketplace. While the real estate industry is notoriously stodgy in many ways, the Century 21 brand takes its brand image seriously.

eXp Realty

According to US company data, eXp Realty, Inc. (NYSE: EXPI) has a positive earnings history and is currently one of the ten largest real estate companies in the country. The company has recently increased its dividend from $0.025 per share to $0.035, and is on track to reach a dividend of $0.075 in October 2021. This company has substantial growth prospects. Its revenues and cash flow have steadily increased, and it is well-known for its acquisitions. In fact, eXp Realty initiated quarterly dividend payments to its shareholders in 2021. Investors can expect dividend payments to be consistent, as the company has been successful in attracting new agents.

California real estate companies list

In addition to its agent count, eXp Realty offers a cloud-operated brokerage environment. Agents work collaboratively across time zones and cultures. Because eXp is located in many regions of North America, it considers communication across time zones crucial to its success. The company also encourages candidates with flexibility and agility, as they are often offered remote, part-time, and freelance positions.

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