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The Best Ways Brands Raised Awareness on World Cancer Day 2022

On December 4, 2022 the World Cancer Day will be celebrated. This year’s official theme is This World Cancer Day, we recognise the power of knowledge.

We know that every single one of us has the ability to make a difference, large or small, and that together we can make real progress in reducing the global impact of cancer.

We celebrate World Cancer Day and raise awareness of the cancer crisis facing millions of people across the globe. World Cancer Day is a global campaign which aims to raise awareness of cancer and encourage people around the world to take action against the disease.

By offering advice on how to prevent and detect cancer, World Cancer Day also encourages people to share their knowledge with others, so that everyone can make an effort to prevent cancer.

The campaign is currently enjoying a high level of engagement with celebrities, brands, charitable organizations and many others across the world. This year’s campaign has a clear objective – to raise awareness of cancer and cancer prevention, as well as offer practical advice for how people can help.

The Power of Knowledge

Knowledge is power, which is why knowledge is the main goal of this day-long event. It’s important to raise awareness about the many forms of cancer and how they can be prevented.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what cancer is, how it’s diagnosed, and how it’s treated in different parts of the world. With all the information available on World Cancer Day, you can create a more informed decision about your health and make an impact on your community. You can also get involved in raising social awareness by participating in advocacy or cancer research initiatives like World Cancer Day.

cancer day

What’s the Campaign all about?

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the care gap, which is the difference between what people in different parts of the world are willing to spend on their health and what they actually need to spend.

It also aims to raise awareness about the higher rates of cancer in developing countries as well as how cancers such as prostate, breast and colorectal cancer can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The campaign will promote prevention strategies such as exercise, a healthy diet and regular check-ups that can significantly reduce one’s risk of contracting cancer and other diseases.

In order to bring this message across to the public, the ‘Close the Care Gap’ campaign will feature celebrities from various walks of life. These celebrities share their personal stories of living with cancer, inspiring audiences around the world.

The campaign is all about understanding and recognizing the inequities in cancer care around the globe. It’s about having an open mind, challenging assumptions and looking at the hard facts.

The goal of the campaign is to close the care gap between rich and poor, rural and urban, and between countries. By closing this gap, we can make a difference for people who need it most.

How to Get Involved on World Cancer Day 2022

1 Join the conversation

Join the conversation on social media and share your thoughts about cancer and ways to prevent it.

2 Speak up

Speak out against stigma, discrimination, and ignorance by sharing positive stories of people living with cancer.

3 Learn first aid

Learn first aid techniques that can be used in case someone has an emergency related to a cancer diagnosis or treatment. You can learn these techniques in person or online, with videos being the most popular.

4 Organise a fundraising event

Organise a fundraising event for World Cancer Day 2022, where you could collect donations for a cause that’s close to your heart.

Awareness, education and prevention are the keys to a cancer-free world.

There are many ways you can help with World Cancer Day. Consider joining the campaign in person, donating on behalf of your company or volunteering at an event in your area.

Join the discussion online on social media using #ThisWorldCancerDay or sharing stories about how you’re taking action to reduce your risk of getting cancer and create a cancer-free world!

cancer free world

Close the care gap-what is it?

Close the care gap is an initiative that empowers people to recognise and acknowledge the inequities in cancer care around the globe. It’s a movement of advocates with a passion for improving cancer care; activists who are fighting for change, challenging assumptions and looking at the hard facts to close the disparities in cancer care.

Close the Care Gap advocates encourage, support and collaborate with others to transform how we talk about, do research on and treat cancer. Close the care gap aims to bring about changes in how cancer is understood and addressed globally.

2022- Realizing the problem

In the last 2 decades, there has been a 300% increase in the number of people diagnosed with cancer. More than 60 million men and women around the world are living with cancer. That’s an average of 10 new cases per every minute. With more than 8 million deaths each year, it’s time for change and for us to act now.

To do this, we need to stop talking about cancer and start acting on it. Who knows, with your help we could be close to seeing a world without cancer by 2022.


As a year-round, global health awareness campaign, World Cancer Day helps to educate people about a range of lifestyle choices that can help prevent the onset of cancer.

The day was created to raise awareness about how many preventable causes of cancer exist and why it is vital for people to take action now. With a focus on raising awareness and funding to find a cure, World Cancer Day is an opportunity for us all to take charge and make a difference in the lives of others.

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