How to Turn Full Lace into U Part

Superguide – How to Turn Full Lace into U-Part Wig

How to Turn Full Lace into U Part
How to Turn Full Lace into U Part

A u-part wig is simply hair extensions put on a u-shaped wig cap with clips, as we all know. To match your needs, u-part wigs are available in several sizes and styles, including u-part wig bobs and longer lengths. You can choose between a center or side u-part to obtain the style you want. You can utilize your leave outs to achieve a natural look because the wig’s u-part is constructed at the top.

Now, if you don’t have a u-part wig in hand, you can use your human hair HD full lace wigs to get the desired look. This blog will learn how to turn your full lace wig into a u-part wig and why you need a u-part wig.

How To Turn A Full HD Lace Wig Into A U-Part

 steps to turn any of your full lace wigs 
steps to turn any of your full lace wigs 

Whether you are struggling to make your part look natural in a wig, don’t like the gluing method, or are not into bleaching knots, then you need to read these steps to turn any of your full lace wigs into custom-made u-part wigs.

These steps will ensure that your parting looks natural. To turn your lace wig into a u-part wig, you will need the following items.

  • Scissors
  • 4-6 wig clips
  • C-needle
  • Durable black sewing thread
  • Mannequin head
  • And of course, your full HD wig

Step One

Put your full lace HD wig on the mannequin head. Secure the unit with a few t-pins.

Once it is secure, you will need to decide where you want your u-part to be, i.e., center or side.

Step Two

Part the wig accordingly and smoothen out any flyaway. Once it is parted, tie the wig hair down to avoid getting in the way.

Step Three

Grab your scissors and carefully cut the wig in a u-shape. You can leave the front hairline on the wig as it is or cut them if you are going to leave out your natural hair around the hairline.

Step Four

Get your wig clips out of the box to begin the sewing process.

Put the black thread through the c-needle and place the clip right-side up. Start by putting the needle and thread through the clip hole on the right side.

Once the thread is through, put it through the bottom right clip hole. Continue the process by taking the thread under the teeth and pulling it through the bottom left hole. Pull it through the top-left spot, tie a few thin knots to secure the clips, and cut off the excess thread.

Use the above-mentioned sewing steps to secure the wig clips on the other side of the u-part.

Tip: if you are dealing with colored wigs, use colored threads accordingly to achieve a seamless result.

Step Five

Section your hair as per the u-part you just made and tie the rest into a bun or braid it to achieve a smooth surface.

Clip the leave-out hair and put on the newly made u-part wig. Use the clips to secure the unit to the hair.

Unclip your leave-out and part it. Heat style the leave out to match the texture of the wig, and you are done. Achieve any style you want with your u-part HD wig and make heads turn with a natural look.

Why Do You Need A U-Part Wig?

Why Do You Need A U-Part Wig?
Why Do You Need A U-Part Wig?

Whether your u-part is a bob wig or a waist-length one, there are a ton of benefits of wearing a u-part wig. Below are a few reasons why you need a u-part wig.

A U-Part Wig Is Easy To Wear And Remove

A u-part wig is easy to install and remove and does not require sewing or glues to attach the unit. There are side effects of prolonged use of glues to secure wigs, including injuring the scalp and hair follicles and hair loss over time.

By eliminating glue and sew-in techniques, a U-part wig can maintain your scalp and natural hair. U-part wigs are a protective style in which most of your hair is braided and hidden beneath the wig, giving you the same effect as sew-in or glue wigs. Furthermore, unlike sew-in or glue wigs, u-part wigs provide you with complete access to your hair.

A U-Part Wig Is Lazy Girl Friendly

A u-part wig is lazy girl-friendly, and you don’t even have to be a wig expert to wear it.

A U-Part Wig Offers A Natural Look

A u-part wig provides a natural look because there is a section that your natural hair and blends seamlessly.

A U-Part Wig Protects Your Scalp

A u-part wig protects your scalp and makes daily care easier. Since you can remove the wig every night, your natural hair isn’t subject to shedding and tension to your edges, as you can take off the braids at night.

Turn your full HD lace into a u-part bob wig and achieve the most natural look. Follow the steps mentioned above to turn your HD wig into a u-part wig.

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