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Super Guide – How to put a Headband wig in a Ponytail?

Curly headband wigs
Curly headband wigs

You know how you want to run errands but don’t want your hair to get all messy and sweaty? Thanks to human hair headband wigs, they are super functional and require no adhesive to install. Styling a headband wig in a ponytail is both practical and stylish – talk about multitasking. Even newbies can use it because it is a very beginner-friendly hairpiece. You can simply put it on within minutes and go, making it super easy and convenient.    

Now, if you’re not familiar with human hair headband wigs, here is a quick go-through of what headband wigs are: 

What Are Headband Wigs?  

True Glory hair headband wig
True Glory hair headband wig

Human hair headband wigs are the hottest hair trend that includes a headscarf tied to a wig with no adhesive or gel, and it looks incredibly realistic. It comes with an adjustable back strap with a hairband sewed inside to keep the headband intact. Pull off a ponytail to flaunt a natural-looking hairline.   

If you’re a wig naive, you might find it difficult to create a ponytail with any wig because it is not the same as doing it with your bio hair. It may seem daunting at first, but following these tips can help you create a perfect wig ponytail possible:  

A word of advice: The perfect headband wig ponytail depends on the density and thickness of your hair. We recommend a light-density wig while rocking a ponytail. A heavy headband wig can be more difficult to draw up into a ponytail and keep in place. If you’re after the finest human hair headband wigs with a light density, consider experimenting with True Glory hair wigs

#1. Get A Wig Cap   

Get yourself a wig cap
Get yourself a wig cap

A wig cap can make a big impact on your hairstyle. Making a ponytail becomes easier if the wig cap is silky and well-fitting, as it helps in more stability. The ponytail is also held by pinning the wig inside the cap.  

#2. Understanding Wig Band And Why It Matters

The wig band is the most effective tool for holding your wig in place. It’s especially critical while wearing your wig in a ponytail since it tends to slide back.  

Human hair headband wigs are a popular fabric headband that may be sewed into the back of the wig. The wig band wraps over the nape of the neck, ensuring that your wig stays in place and is comfy without slipping or sliding. It is indeed a must-have accessory for women who wish to wear their wig in a ponytail, updo, or even a headband wig with bangs.    

#3. Incorporate the wig hair in your natural hair 

Here is a simple trick that may require some practice before mastering. Blend your natural hair with the wig hair to replicate a more realistic appearance, provided your hair color matches the wig. Grab the headband wig and place it over your natural tresses to complete the look. However, instead of wearing it beneath your natural tresses, attach it on top of it.  

Next, using a rat tail comb or a fine-tooth comb, carefully draw your natural hair around the back of the wig, creating a tousled look with a lot of hair volume. Put on your human hair headband wigs. To tame the natural hair sticking out from beneath the wig, simply comb it back and secure it in your ponytail as you normally would.  

Making A Ponytail With Human Hair Headband Wigs: Pro Tips  

How to tie up a ponytail with headband wig
How to tie up a ponytail with a headband wig
  • High ponytails require a strong grip between your head and the front of your hairline, and they can take a bit longer to put together. Beginners will find it much easier to make a low ponytail.
  • As said earlier, it is important to wear a well-fitting wig cap to secure your ponytail. Wear a tight wig cap underneath your wig and fasten it with clips to prevent it from sliding. 
  • Using wig adhesive to attach human hair headband wigs on your head will also ensure that your wig is in place. After you’ve attached the headband to your forehead, push it down and let it air dry for a few minutes.   
  • To ensure that your wig blends in seamlessly with your skin tone, spritz a bit of hairspray to keep it in place, or use dry shampoo to remove extra luster. 

Bottom Line 

There you have it! These are some tried-and-true tips on how to tie your hair up into a ponytail while using human hair headband wigs. Consider experimenting with True Glory hair wigs; True Glory Hair’s human hair headband wigs require no glue to secure them, which is excellent for protecting your hair and scalp. Whether you’re after straight, wavy, or curly headband wigs, you’ll find one that fits you best at True Glory Hair. So what’re you waiting for?  

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