SEO Guide: Should You Disavow Links In 2022?

There are certain web building and business development areas where experts opine that the value of links decreases with time. This goes against the norms and regulations of general search engine optimization.

Are you really facing some problems with your website development? Can’t manage it properly? You could download website management software from the pirate bay for free. They will help you out in optimizing your website. In this article, we are going to discuss whether we should disavow, like in 2022.

Benefits Of Link Building

This might make our thoughts and ideas a bit prejudiced, tilted from the very beginning. But the fact is that the value of internal and external links for websites can not be denied. Let’s see the benefits of links that web developers are managers have reaped so far.

1. Links Give You Credibility

The more internal links are directed towards you, the more the credibility of your website. Therefore companies understood the value of internal links. So internal links definitely played a core factor in seo.

2. Google Use Links To Rank Your Site

The crawler scans each and every aspect of the website before providing the rank. The website that has more links comes the highest on the search engines. Therefore the content is not all. You need to work on the links to have a greater chance.

3. Backlink Will Give You An Increase In Web Traffic

Backlink provides greater traffic and decreases bounce rates. With high-quality backlinks, you are able to get a better opportunity to engage the visitors that are your potential customers. 

Do You Need To Disavow Links?

Now we come to the section that is our point of discussion, do we really need to disavow links or not? In order to answer the question, we are going to discuss a 2013 study of Google on websites manipulating the rankings. When they engaged themselves in the study, they got some shocking revelations.

Intentionally Placing Links

It was found that the websites that generate more inward-directed links received the highest links. It is also found that the websites set a ploy where they get more and more internally directed. They automatically increase the ranking of websites. As soon as the marketers got aware of this strategy, an area of link spam began. 

Low-Quality Websites Get Higher Rank

It is observed that low-quality websites get higher ranks due to internally directed links and backlinks. It was observed that the websites were not at all of the great quality. Simply by dint of links, they go on to increase their rankings. 

That’s indeed unethical and can not be justified under any circumstances. How can low-quality websites get more traffic only by the number of likes attached to them? Even the web builders were not working at all on the design aspect of the websites. They were not focussing on the other core aspect of search engine optimization.

Introspection Of Google 

Under the present circumstances, google thought that this practice would raise great questions about its authenticity and fairness. 

If users continuously get continuously disappointed with these low-quality websites with high ranks, it will unnecessarily raise doubts and suspicion about the entire functioning of the search engine. Then they might move into some other search engine. This will be detrimental to business development. 

Quality Websites Get Best Rankings

Google revisited the tracking system to ensure that quality websites get the best rankings. In order to make it happen, they took a great many steps. They took measures to ensure that quality websites get rankings. 

They started the hurl manual penalty system on certain sites. Other than this, they also made some addition to their algorithm (Penguin). Machines could spot these unnatural link patterns. Then follows manual review to understand which websites are trying to fool the search engines. This has really worked. 

But on the other hand, it is revealed that spotting errors and charging them continuously affected the website visibility of the website. 


This gets extracted through the discussion that websites that banked quite a lot on unnecessary links got at the top of search engines. One can not simply reject the power of links in getting more visits, searches, and leads generation. So clearly, links play an important role.

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