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Red Flags to Watch Out For Before Moving into Your New Apartment

Moving into your first apartment comes with many things you might not have anticipated. While, on the other hand, you are finally able to be out on your own, you have to be careful, or else you might end up regretting your decision. Here are some red flags you need to watch out for as you move into your new apartment.

Not Enough Pictures Online

If you are looking for houses online, many of them will have their pictures online. The first thing you should do is look at the photos the agent has listed online. You should request the agent to send you any more pictures of the place, and if they are hesitant, you need to stop all negotiations with them. Many agents pose as having an actual property when they do not. If they cannot share the pictures with you, then the apartment might not be under their listing.

They Do Not Allow Onsite Visits

Apartments like the Lawrence Student Apartments let you visit the apartments before making payment. If you realize that the agent does not allow anyone to see the said apartments, you should not pay for them. The pictures posted online could be deceiving, and you will end up paying for a place you do not like. Do not accept to pay if you have not visited the apartment you are meant to move into. If possible, you should see it more than once before you finally sign the lease.

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Its Location

The apartment’s location might be another red flag to watch out for. Many listings will indicate that the apartments are located in an upscale neighborhood while, in an actual sense, they are in a substandard place. When you visit the apartment, for example, if you are looking at apartments for rent in Wilmington, ensure you take a good look at its surroundings. Find out if it has any amenities nearby and determine how far it is from your school or workplace. It makes no sense for you to pay a lot of money for an apartment only to realize that you will spend a lot of time on the road or cannot access the essential amenities.

The State of the Building

Another vital thing that you need to look at is the state of the building you want to lease. Whether a building is old or new, it needs to be well maintained. Avoid places that look neglected with little to no repairs done on them. Look at the condition of the elevator, if they have any, and the windows on the apartment. If the apartment looks neglected, you know that you will probably have many things that might be malfunction. In many cases, you will need to repair all the broken equipment, which will cost you a lot in the long run.

Cheap Rent

You need to be keen when the rent is too cheap. Compare the rent of a similar apartment around you and see how much it is. If the rent is too low, then there is a huge chance that you are getting a substandard apartment. Ask around from previous tenants, and you will realize that there is a reason why the rent is so low.

The Contact Email Is Not the Same

Whenever you email an agent about a listing, chances are they will respond with a different email. While that is not an issue, be keen when you realize the emails keep changing. A good agency has one contact email to use in all your communication. If the email addresses keep changing, then that is a sign you are dealing with a con. You should work with a straightforward agency, as they will get you what you need without a fuss.

Getting a home is not something that should seem like so much work. You know what you need to look for and avoid with the pointers above. Also, when it comes to negotiations, you have to trust your gut. If you feel like you are being shortchanged, take a step back and think everything through. Do not just settle for a house because you think it is your online option. Take your time when house hunting, and that way, you will get something that will work for you.

This Article Written by Hannah Gilbert

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