Custom Printed Pre roll Packaging

Pre-Roll Packaging: Avail Amazing Customization Options

Pre-roll packaging is an excellent way to promote your products while also protecting them. This type of packaging is very popular in the cigarette industry for this reason. When it comes to pre-roll packaging, there are many customization options available that you can use to create a package that suits your needs perfectly. To see some examples of these customizations and find out what they offer, please continue reading!

Pre-roll packaging is the perfect fit for novices and experts alike. Pre-rolled joints are a great way to consume cannabis discreetly, but this convenience does not come without some sacrifice. Unsightly joints can ruin your stealth consumption experience by making you look like the stereotypical stoner. Custom pre-roll packages are designed with both taste and discretion in mind, giving users more options when it comes to purchasing pre-rolled joints from dispensaries across America.

Why Customizing Pre-roll Packaging Is Essential?

Custom Pre-roll Packaging with labels is a big trend in the cannabis industry, and pre-rolls are no exception. CBD pre-roll packaging can be customized to suit any need, from materials to finishing coats. One of the most popular customization options for marijuana pre-rolls packaging is using different colors on each end. This draws attention to both ends of your package, making it easy for customers to identify their desired product before opening the container!

Preroll packaging boxes can be customized in many ways to attract customers and promote your products. From picking the right packaging material to finishing it off with the desired coat, you have multiple options to choose from. 

Packaging Materials For Crafting Pre-roll Packaging

So first of all, let’s talk about packaging materials. There are several different materials that pre-rolls can be made with. Following are the most popular options for crafting pre-roll boxes:

  • Corrugated material – it is usually used as the main packaging material to provide structural reinforcements. It is made of thin fiberboard sheets that are glued together with resin and kraft paper which provides extra strength for transporting pre-roll boxes. Corrugated materials come in various thicknesses like single-wall or double-wall, depending on your needs! 
  • Cardstock Material – cardstock is the most versatile material that you can use to make your pre-roll packaging box. It is available in different weights (thickness) and finishes like matte, glossy, or metallic. It is highly customizable into different sizes, shapes, and styles. Also, it is commonly used for cookies pre-roll packaging you must have seen in retail stores.
  • Kraft material – Kraft paper is the most common material used for preroll packaging boxes. It’s made of pure cellulose, natural fibers that are easy to work with and cost-effective.
  • Rigid paperboard material is made of a high percentage of recycled fibers bonded together to create sturdy pre-roll boxes. It is also water-resistant, making it perfect for packaging your cannabis products! Therefore, you can create luxury pre-roll packaging with this rigid paperboard material. 

Add Artwork And Designs To Your Pre-roll Packaging

You can further customize your CBD pre-roll packaging boxes by adding custom printing on top of it, like a logo or pictures with catchy slogans! There are many technologies for this, including screen, digital or offset printing, foil stamping, debossing, engraving, etc. These will make all the difference when standing out at retail stores because customers’ interest is sure to be captured right away by bright colors and graphics that pop off from their surroundings! Finally, you have several options for branding & labeling.

Custom Printed Pre-roll Packaging

Finishing Coats For Pre-roll Packaging

Another way you can customize the look and feel of your pre-roll packaging box is by adding different coats or finishes on top of the material. This will make all the difference when attracting customers’ attention at retail stores because they will be able to identify each product from afar just by looking at its design details. 

The most popular options include: 

  • Matte finish – for those who want their designs to stand out but don’t need glossiness.
  • Glossy finish – used mostly in the food industry where people prefer touchable materials with shine, i.e., cookies pre-roll packaging.
  • Metallic finish – adds an extra layer of depth and dimension to the luxury pre-roll packaging.
  • Soft-touch finish – makes your pre-roll box look more elegant and luxurious with a soft tactile effect.

Finally, you can always add an extra layer of protection to your pre-roll packaging by using customized labels. The last thing you want is for your cannabis products to get damaged during transport! 

Make A Statement With Spectacular Pre-roll Custom Packaging

As we all know, there are too many options out there when it comes to designing pre-roll boxes, but one thing remains constant. No matter what material and finishing coat you choose, they will be sure to catch customers’ eyes at retail stores; across any dispensary in town!

Pre-rolls are perfect for promotional purposes as well due to their small size. Having a custom pre-roller box with a logo printed on top makes them easy giveaways at events like conferences, social gatherings, networking meet-ups, etc. This leads us back to our first point – custom pre-roll packaging is great for branding and marketing purposes! In conclusion, if you are looking to make your cannabis product stand out from the rest, consider investing in a professional design as it will be able to achieve all of those goals at once. Go ahead and take advantage of these customization options today!

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