Planning a Holiday with Family: 5 Things to Do Right Now

Planning a holiday for your family, especially overseas, can be disconcerting. 

There are so many cogs in the wheel. And even one misstep can ruin your whole experience or, at the very least, make you feel disappointed. Just when you should be having the time of your life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

These are five things you should invest your time in to make all those “wanderlust” dreams come true. 

Just bear in mind, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Lao Tzu). 

You have already taken that. Just when you started reading this.

1. Strong finance for a stronger budget

Even before you start planning on the clothes to wear on the trip or the places to visit, you need to consider your finances.

Do the calculations, and you’ll reach an estimate you’ll need to gather.

Do this well because your budget will call the shots for the next steps. For example, it may take the final call on where you can go and how many days. 

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So, start planning. Grow a fund gradually for the trip. You can invest in small-term, low-risk schemes to grow the fund with stability.

Another good option would be to opt for a personal loan with a low-interest .Then, you’ll never feel anxious about your finances or coming short of your target. Check out for some great options.

2. Deducing the destination

It may seem obvious, but the selection of your destination is worthy of a bit more time and thought.

Some of us have a perennial itch to travel, but then we get all jumbled up choosing ONE place from this enormous world of ours.

A map can help to narrow down your endless list. So start jotting down all the places: the cities, the towns, the novelties around. 

Do a little bit of digging about the place. What will the weather be like during your stay? When is the peak tourism season there? Do you want huge crowds, or would you rather have peace and quiet?

These are all pertinent questions that can be answered through a little bit of research.

You can have a glance on Instagram to get a feeling of the place. Then, watch Youtube vlogging channels for complete immersion. Also, you can always depend on your favorite travel blogger/s for more details. 

Don’t be vague in your thinking. Commitment makes the planning easier. Last-minute changes or constant indecision will only hamper and postpone your traveling. 

3. Flights and hotels

After the selection and the Visas, you’ll need to book the flights and accommodations.

Always book flights in advance for the best deals. Booking a round trip makes the process sleek and one-time. You can consider breaking your flights up too. It can be cheaper, and it can reduce jet lag. 

Booking your hotels beforehand gives you the privilege of extra time and saves you from jeopardy during your travel. Location and transportation should be your top priority. 

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There are many booking sites on the internet (Booking, Airbnb, etc.). They are great for discounts, and they provide many extra perks too. 

4. Give safety a chance.

Safety should always be a priority.

You might feel safer abroad than in your own country, but accidents can occur anywhere. That’s why you should always get travel insurance.

You should always sign up for the ‘Smart Traveler Enrollment Program’ (STEP) or any similar program available in your country. It gives you access to your embassy and makes it easier to find you.

Even without a pandemic, you should always get properly immunized for foreign diseases. Contact your doctor or read about common diseases in the place you’re going to.

5. Help is at your fingertips.

The internet can help you on the go in your travels. So, you can purchase a local prepaid SIM there, which would be the cheapest way to gain an internet connection.

There are many apps that enrich your experience of a land unknown to you. 

Some of them are- Google Translate for easy translations through speech and pictures, Google Maps to navigate with ease, even offline, and Trail Wallet to flawlessly convert currencies. 

There are many more, which you can find with a bit of research. Finally, there’s an app for your every need.


These steps can take out some of the stress.

But even the best plans can be laid to waste by factors outside your control.

So, it’s you who must be ready to compromise and adapt. Only then you get to know the true beauty of a place and its people.

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