Packaging Design Tips to Make Your Pop Vape Boxes Attractive

Vaping has become incredibly popular in recent years. Many people are adopting it as an alternative to smoking. Accordingly, the packaging of your vape items plays a great role in attracting those smokers. In addition to providing quality, visibility, and product protection, packaging also serves as a marketing tool for businesses. An attractive packaging design ensures maximum sales, gives your brand a competitive advantage and makes your items marketable. So, how to make your pop vape boxes more attractive? Here are some packaging design tips you could check out!

The Link between Packaging Boxes and Customer Acquisition

Whatever the genre of your business, you need to think seriously about attracting your target audience. Packaging boxes are an integral part of your product presentation that would help you strive in the competition. To grab your customers’ attention your packaging boxes need to be splendid.

Accurate characterization and representation of your vape items are relevant to customer acquisition strategies. This is why you need the boxes with a high-quality brand logo and name. Using logo, brand name, and trademarks is the best way to educate customers about who is behind their favorite items. Additionally, both new and existing customers would quickly be familiar with your brand.

In a competitive vape market, packaging boxes are a huge display device that helps you with your marketing strategy. Thus, make sure you design them flawlessly.

Custom Vape Boxes with a Simple Design Are Demanding

As technology becomes more affordable, it starts to take design to the next level. Yet, sometimes without realizing that a low-budget business might fail. Well, inaccurate text, odd fonts, and clashing graphics create crowded visual noise. This would only turn your boxes become unpleasant to the customers’ eyes. In the end, even if you don’t intend to mislead your customers, your brand’s reputation is at risk.

This is why custom vape boxes with a simple design are demanding. This design is perfect to create a reputable image and make your boxes aesthetically pleasing. In this context, you could use simple fonts and minimal colors that would not confuse customers. Vape items with cleaner and simpler designs always catch maximum attention and leave a strong impression.

Consider the Shape of Your Empty Vape Boxes

When designing your empty vape boxes, you always need to consider is the shape. Vapes are very vulnerable to physical and chemical damage. Thus, you should design boxes that would prevent the ingress of oxygen, moisture, or light. Why?

Due to the evaporation of the liquid. If oxygen or moisture gets inside your boxes, it evaporates at a faster rate. Hence, you need to make sure your boxes would not break and keep the vape items safe. In this regard, always check out the layout of your vapes and then design the boxes accordingly. Ensure the boxes would compress the vapors fairly and neatly without worrying about deformation to their shape.

The Interactive Style Works Well for Vape Packaging Boxes

Modern customers are becoming pickier when it comes to the style of vape packaging boxes. Well, the style for these boxes is basically similar. Yet, you could take advantage of the flexibility of the boxes. In other words, you could interactively customize them to get the most attention in the market.

For example, you could go for a sleeve style. This style has two parallel layers that slide against each other, with the top layer completely enclosing the bottom layer. To make it even more innovative, you could add inserts at the bottom of the boxes.

Another creative and interactive style is the flip-top boxes. It is quite the same as standard boxes for cigarettes. However, it is rare and would make your vape items look unique.

Choose a Suitable Color for Your Vape Boxes Wholesale

Color enhances the visual appeal of your boxes. The boxes that catch the eyes just by looking at them are surely impressive. You need to have compelling content that would attract customers. Using color is a striking option when designing packaging. But when it comes to vape boxes wholesale, you should choose a suitable color.

Remember, your main target audience here is adults. Undoubtedly, they would not like to see boxes with bright colors. With this in mind, make sure the color of your boxes would be delicate and elegant. It would accurately reflect the quality of your vapes and attract everyone’s attention. The use of color is not limited, but there should be a subtle balance that pleases the eyes.

Add a Window Shape to Your Custom Boxes

When customers come to a retail store, they may wonder what item is packed in a particular box. More than that, they wish to see the quality of the items inside. Well, you should not make them keep wondering. 

You could apply die-cut techniques to add a transparent window to your custom boxes. Remember that the adhesive for fixing the transparent window must be used from the inside. This would help you to prevent the boxes from being stained.

It is up to you to decide how many windows you want to add. This tactic would definitely entice customers and make them want to purchase your exclusive vape items.

Polish Your Custom Printed Vape Boxes

The finishing effect would do a great job in captivating people with its fantastic display. Foil stamping is a great technique to polish your custom printed vape boxes. This effect would add a premium look to your boxes. In this way, you could assure customers that your vape items inside are luxurious and of high quality.

What’s more, you could also go for a lamination option. Lamination is important because it enhances the visual elegance of your boxes. Even more, it goes a long way in keeping your boxes safe. For example, stain-free lamination could prevent stains and scratches.

Alternatively, you could also consider coating options such as glossy, matte, and spot UV. These finishing options would improve the look and feel of your pop vape boxes. In the end, make your vape items look more attractive.

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