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NFL 22 – Jake Curhan’s Exciting ‘Rising Stars’ Boost

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Amazing tackles in NFL 22 can come in all forms of player cards, and the latest ‘Rising Stars’ Player Card for 24-year old talent, Jake Curhan, could definitely be a viable option for your MUT squad in the game too.

Recently joining Seattle Seahawks last year, Jake Curhan has already made himself known to be a steadfast wall at the line of scrimmage.

Boasting incredible strength and muscle power, the American offensive tackle is bound to make anyone nervous without even touching the ball.

Following the introduction of a number of different ‘Rising Stars’ Player Cards in NFL 22, Curhan has been selected to receive his own player card upgrade too!

Here is how Curhan’s newest best attributes look like:

(RT) Jake Curhan’s ‘Rising Stars’ Player Card: OVR 97

  • Run Block, RBK (Blocking): 98
  • Run Block Footwork, RBF (Blocking): 98
  • Run Block Power, RBP (Blocking): 97
  • Impact Block, IBL (Blocking): 96
  • Strength, STR (General): 96

Curhan is a beast to confront head on and his player Archetype comes in the form of Power.

Curhan boasts one prime Player Trait for this card as well, which is:

  • High Motor

Currently, Curhan’s market prices are generally around the following lines (estimate):

  • Xbox: 135,000 MUT Coins
  • PlayStation: 150,000 MUT Coins

Are you a fan of the 6-foot footballer in NFL?

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