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MSEB Bill Payment- In Some Quick Simple Steps

MSEB is the short form of the Maharashtra State Electricity Board. The board generates and supplies power to the state of Maharashtra and is the 2nd biggest electric generator in India after state-owned NTPC. The government-run board has been offering high-end services to its customers. The adoption of digitalization has helped MSEB improve its customer service to unparalleled limits.

Paying MSEB bills online

A key differentiator for MSEB has been its online bill payment offering to its users. MSEB users can now comfortably pay their bills using digital methods operated directly from their phones. The methods are fast, simple, and easy to execute.

There are two ways of online MSEB bill payment:

The first method involves paying directly from the MSEB online website.

It is a simple method as the site has been developed as a Self Service portal. You need to click on the address: Here, users can pay the bill online and carry out other activities related to their MSEB connection. For example, there is a New User Registration tab to help new users register online; the Consumption Calculator and the Energy Bill Calculators help you keep track of your energy consumption; users can request for a new connection via the New Connection Request tab; users can register their complaints and check the status via the Complaint Registration and Complaint Status tabs, and submit their meter reading too. 

To pay bills online using the Web Self Service of MSEB, here are the steps to follow: 

  • Go to the site link given above.
  • Enter the Consumer Type.
  • Now, fill up the 12-digit Consumer Number.
  • Enter the given Capta – this is done to authenticate that you are not a robot.
  • Submit the form.
  • If the details & information provided are correct, the next form for payment will open up. 
  • Choose the payment mode, submit your details, and confirm the same for the digital transaction.

Once your bill payment process is completed, you will receive an email and SMS confirmation stored digitally for future reference. As you can see, in a few simple steps, your online bill payment of MSEB is done for the given duration.

The second method makes and involves the use of a third-party payment app.

You may have heard of numerous multi-purpose payment apps. These apps are mostly offered by third parties that develop the software and ensure the system’s safety, upgradation, and day-to-day functioning. These apps are fast and can be used for online bill payments, recharges, and can be used as a money transfer app too. The attractive part is that you do not need to remember any bank account details of the receiver. You can use the Virtual Payment Address or VPA, QR scanning method, or the receiver’s phone number to carry out the process. 

Such apps in India typically use the Unified Payment Interface or UPI process. It is a method software application ecosystem developed by the NPCI and RBI, and hence the entire process is guaranteed, safe and secure. Plus, the method is one of the fastest for making payments and transferring money. To add to it, the apps are easy to use with user-friendly features. You need to download an app on your mobile phone, complete the registration process, and log in with the PIN to access the app features. Why should you use these apps to make MSEB bill payments online? You must understand that using the MSEB link mentioned above helps you clear your dues of MSEB only. With payment apps, you can easily pay hundreds and thousands of merchants and service providers in the online and offline world. For example, you can pay your utility bills on the one hand, and on the other, pay the local Kirana store owner against the purchase of daily essential items. This kind of facility is unavailable at MSEB online site. Thus, payment apps add to your convenience. 

The steps for paying bills using a third-party app:

  • Open the app. Log in.
  • Go to Electricity payment.
  • Choose the operator and enter the consumer number.
  • If you are unsure of your bill amount, click on the View Bill feature.
  • Since your payment mode is already saved with the app during the registration process, you can simply enter the required password to finish the process of paying your bill online.

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