Modern Wallpaper Interior Design Decor Ideas for Home

A wallpaper interior design decor is a great way to give character to your house. The theme of the wallpapers should be considered before designing the home. It will remain unnoticed if you just put them just because they are beautiful. You must have to think about the size and shape of the walls, furniture, windows and doors to get an idea what kind of wallpapers will go well with your house interiors.

The first thing that comes in mind when you hear home interior decoration is furniture placement plan for each room in the house. Furniture plays a vital role while designing any room in your house including children’s rooms, living room, dining room etc. But here I am talking about how best could be the use of wallpaper designs considering the furniture placement.

Modern wallpaper interior design rules are not so many to be followed, but there are some mandatory factors that should be taken care of while designing the house with wallpapers. Some things you must keep in mind regarding modern interior design of any room in the house is as follows:


Furniture selection for each room where walls will have different types of wallpapers including living room, kitchen, bedroom etc.

2) Wall color combination

It is based on furniture style and size for best results (each color has its own effect on human psychology). If it’s too big or too bright or if brightness is more than average level then it can tired your eyes after sometime day by day. This factor becomes important while colorful wallpapers are selected for your home interiors.

3) Lighting and ventilation system

Wallpaper Interior Design- Red wallpaper

(Important if you will be using wallpapers for several rooms in the house). If you use colorful wallpapers, then it would be better to choose light color furniture instead of dark colors. This is because most lighter colors provide brighter look to the interior design. Do not hang any heavy curtains blocking natural lights coming from windows as it can make your house interior complex and dark after some time. Ventilation system should also be maintained prior to hanging wallpapers as they need good amount of air flow which usually blocked by curtains and furniture placement.

4) Wall height:

Generally people always keep height of walls same as that of floor but here I am advising making it little higher because if you will use colorful wallpapers, then it can make your room look like a painting and ceiling would be at least 5-6 inches below the height of the walls.

5) Using red wallpaper for each room:

Using red wallpapers is an easy task; one could do it without taking too much tension. However, there are few things to consider while choosing wallpapers for different rooms. For example, kitchen requires colorful patterned wallpapers as they look fresh and lively which is very much necessary in every kitchen to reduce stress created by cooking tasks. Living room needs serene and relaxing colors to calm your mind and also give pleasurable atmosphere. Bedroom should have soothing color schemes with less noise which helps people to sleep well.

6)Vintage Wallpaper HD

Wallpaper Interior Design- vintage wallpaper

Artwork vintage wallpaper is also called vintage wall coverings. They are often characterized by complex patterns and vintage style. The vintage design has been popular since the 1920s,when the wallpaper [art work] [pattern] was transformed from a printed pattern to an elaborate hand-painted design. Vintage wallpaper colors typically include mustard brown color, rose pink color, green blue color and similar vintage design colors .

Artwork vintage wallpapers can be found in various designs and vintage styles . The vintage 3D effect of these walls give your apartment makes sense in any room or home decoration idea you choose for them , such as vintage furniture, vintage lamps and other vintage items and accessories and apply it in different rooms such as living room or bedroom or kitchen. Read more.

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