Learn How To Get Over Swollen Muscles With Quick Kratom Remedies.

Swelling occurs when a part of the body – skin, organs, or muscles enlarges. The enlargement happens mainly due to inflammation or fluid build-up. There are two types of swelling – internal and external swelling. 

External swelling is caused due to insect bites, illness, or any injury, in which muscle tissues begin to tear, which causes severe pain. On the other hand, internal swelling can happen due to the medicinal side effects.

Swollen Muscles

But the question is – How do we know if it is internal or external swollen muscle? The answer lies in bali kratom.

In external swelling, muscle enlargement is usually visible. However, you need to go for a scan in case of internal swelling. 

Following are the symptoms of internal swelling:

  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Pain
  • Flu-Like Symptoms

Let’s learn about the symptoms of external swelling:

  • Pain in the affected area
  • Vomiting
  • Flatulence
  • Itching 
  • Rashes
  • Menstruation
  • Pregnancy
  • Fluid Retention
  • Infection
  • Injury
  • Hormonal Changes

Swollen muscle comes with various side effects such as – pain, bruises, etc. Therefore, it is important to know how to treat the swelling before it becomes severe.

symptoms of external swelling

Worst-Case Considerations

Overly zealous gym-goers might get themselves into serious difficulty if they ignore the signs their body is sending. Excessive inflammation can lead to the breakdown of muscular tissue. This can result in more discomfort and a higher chance of kidney damage.

The body itself gives you signals to seek medical care for significant muscle damage:

  • Unbearable suffering
  • Swelling in the limbs is severe.
  • Swelling causes a loss of mobility; dark-colored urine indicates a decrease in pee production.

These indicators indicate that excessive muscle breakdown is already wreaking havoc on the kidneys.

How to Treat Swollen Muscles?

Several medications like pain reliefs are available to lessen the pain caused due to inflammation or swelling. However, the most effective yet underrated treatment for swollen muscle is Kratom. 

Students and working professionals use Kratom, a tropical tree from the coffee family, to get over daily stress and boost their performance at work and school. There are several types of Kratom available. Some act as a mood enhancer and give euphoria, while some have medicinal properties that help treat inflammation, swelling, etc. 

Kratom is considered one of the best methods for reducing or treating swollen muscle pain. It is well-known for its wide range of medicinal benefits, which arise from a complex mix of alkaloids found in the leaves.

These alkaloids have various functions, including pain management, relieving stress, and soreness and inflammation treatment. Epicatechin and Rhynchophylline are two alkaloids that provide Kratom its anti-inflammatory qualities, with Mitragynine .

What Is the Best Kratom Dose for Pain Caused Due to Muscle Soreness?

There are two types of Kratom dosages: low dose and high dose. Let us see the effect of both the dosage for a better understanding.

  • Low-dose Kratom is energizing and similar to coffee, which is a closely related plant species. Dosage of up to five grams of dried powder is included.
  • This is the most common dose for chronic pain management. The effect of higher doses is very different. They have a sedative, euphoric, and analgesic effect.
  • For pain caused due to swelling, a standard dose of Kratom is 5–10 grams.

The exact dosage is unknown, so checking with your physician before taking Kratom is advisable.

 Caused Due to Muscle Soreness

How Does Kratom Work for Inflammation Due to Muscle Swelling?

There are numerous anecdotal incidents of people utilizing Kratom to relieve swelling, but only a few research trials.

Let’s understand how it works.

Kratom works to ease swelling in different ways:

  • It activates opioid receptors, which serve as a conduit for pain impulses to reach the brain.
  • COX-2, an enzyme that produces inflammatory signals that cause pain, is inhibited.
  • It relaxes muscular fibers, which relieves muscle discomfort and stress.
  • Kratom’s primary analgesic impact is due to its interactions with opiate receptors. This is the exact mechanism of action as morphine, Dilaudid, or OxyContin, among other pain relievers.

Opiate receptors can be found all across the spinal cord and brainstem. They serve as a point of entry for pain signals.

The body uses a group of chemicals known as endorphins to actively modulate the degree of pain it feels (natural opioids).

In the body, pain serves an important function: it alerts us when something is wrong and teaches us to be cautious around wounded areas.

Too much pain, or pain signals that last for an extended period, might be harmful.

Active Ingredients in Kratom for Muscle Swelling

Kratom contains over 40 different alkaloids, each with its effects. There are two compounds, in particular, that account for the majority of the plant’s painkilling effects:


Mitragynine is found in alkaloids and is the predominant alkaloid in Kratom, accounting for more than 65 percent of the total alkaloid concentration in some samples.


Most kratom samples contain 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, which is the second most prevalent alkaloid.

This is the plant’s leading painkiller, and it’s up to 13 times more potent than morphine and 36 times more potent than Mitragynine. According to some research, this alkaloid binds to mu, kappa, and delta-opioid receptors.


Prescription Medications vs. Kratom

Kratom is frequently used as a substitute for pharmaceutical medication to treat swelling. It provides similar comfort and operates through the same processes (mu-opioid receptor agonism).

Many people use Kratom to help them wean themselves off pharmaceutical opiates or illegal substances like heroin. The opioid receptor activation of kratom alkaloids aids in the relief of withdrawal symptoms and the reduction of cravings.

Let us look into the difference between Kratom and the prescribed drug for muscle swelling


Kratom is considered the best way to treat swollen muscles. It is available in the form of oral capsules. It works on the same receptor as opioids do but is considered safer than any prescribed drug available. The best thing is – that overdose is not possible. Even if you try overdosing, you will start feeling nauseous before reaching the toxicity level.

Apart from targeting several receptors to curb pain during swelling, it also targets receptors like serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, adrenergic, and GABA receptors, causing relief from all the harmful effects of swelling. 

Now that we know so much about Kratom and its uses to treat swollen muscles, and ailments related to that, we must always see a doctor in case of severe pain or if the swelling is too much. Please do not leave the muscle unattended as it can cause numerous problems. 

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