Know how hard it is to keep up with the latest happenings in football

We here at know how hard it is to keep up with the latest happenings in football. That’s why we’ve put together this informative article with everything you need to know about one of the most popular football websites:! Here is what you will learn about this article:

What is all about is a general sports blog that provides news on various sports including football, basketball, cycling, American football, college football, horse riding, swimming, and several others. Goalballs also offers top-notch livestreaming access FOR FREE.

Who owns

The website is owned by Musa Aminu Olaitan popularly known as Merlin. A sports analyst is vast in several areas of the game. He is a serial entrepreneur and always open to new offers and ideas. He is currently valued at $100,000 and his current blog is valued at $10,000 in partnership with John Kola Hunpatin.’s headquarters

The current headquarters is currently located at No 37, ogunlana drive, surulere; Lagos. Nigeria

What countries has been to:

Goalballs traffic source is on a global scale with traffic coming from all continents in the world. Goalballs is currently at a staggering 1.2M total visits and their main source of monetization is mainly from Google Adsense and HBagency displayed on the website.

Goalballs is an almost a year old website with traffic sources from America, Europe, Asia, Africa & Australia.

What languages do support

Sport is a global language and all languages are allowed in the comments. Goalballs reporters post mainly in English and streaming sources are directly from beIN and BTSports English channels for free.

Goalballs current valuation

The website is currently valued at $10,000 and a pending deal is about to be struck between the website and 1xbet which will further increase the value of the website in unparallel figures.

Why is different from other sports news sites

Goalballs put content from all and the most popular websites across its several categories of sports it entails. It’s like a hub and community of all sports in the world.

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