jars of fears

Jars of Fears – A Visual Way of Assessing Pupils’ Fears

The jars of fear are a visual way of assessing pupils’ fears. The jars can be completed before any intervention and then coping strategies can be taught. There are different types of jars, including those of two colours and a single colour. Teachers can also use different coloured sheets. One sheet can be used for one phobia, and a different one for several. There are many jars available, and teachers can choose the ones that work best for their pupils.

A visual tool that can scale pupil fears is the jar of fear. It can be used before any intervention and can also be used to teach coping strategies. There are sheets for each type of fear, and you can create one jar or many. There are jars available for a variety of fears, and there are even videos that have the exact same fear as a real person. You can also find the jars on a Pinterest board.

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