Is Development Possible Without Planning?

In order to attain economic prosperity, a nation must grow and develop. There is an economic imbalance between the rural and urban areas of the country. One of the primary purposes of planning is to reduce this imbalance. And it is also important to hire the best contractors such as land development orlando to make your plans work properly. An effective plan should satisfy five basic requirements: it must be accessible, precise, specific, and accurate. Moreover, it should also be written in a clear and understandable format, free from any unnecessary materials, and include all relevant data.

The main purpose of land-use planning is to satisfy the needs of the population within the spatial and technical frameworks of the country. For example, houses cannot be constructed in swamps or in areas where there is no physical support for the building. These areas may endanger the health and safety of the population. Hence, it is necessary to plan for the population’s future needs before they become a reality. In addition to these benefits, proper planning is also needed for successful development.


Despite a long-term vision, sustainable development requires long-term planning that considers the relationship between different actors in society. Without long-term planning, it is possible for a country to become impoverished or to slow its economic growth. In such a scenario, the government rarely talks with civil society or NGOs. Social watch groups are one example of such organizations, working to point out the government’s mistakes, but are often blocked by the state.

To develop a country, development planning should start from the supply of available resources and find the optimal rate of economic growth. It is vital that development plans are realistic and not unrealistic because in the past, development plans have been curtailed in midstream or halted due to the balance of payments difficulties. Also, development plans may be drawn up with unrealistic goals, often exceeding domestic resources in an effort to attract more external aid.