ID Document Verification for a Full-Proof KYC Process

The news of data breach, money laundering, or any other financial crime committed in a company flows in the market like water on the ground, it spreads and might ruin nearby surroundings. These incidents do not always happen by internal part of an enterprise or by a financial firm’s entity. Mostly it is due to poor ID document verification of customers that leads to imposters getting onboard.

In a digital KYC (Know Your Customer) authentication process, systematic validation of national charters by AI-powered systems reduces the margin of errors and data and monetary violations in the future. Trust is a must in managing a business but with constant surveillance and checks. A proper ID document verification makes the latter part much easier and better.

Working Procedure of ID Document Verification

The online confirming solutions with an extensive grid of AI models attests to the identity of an individual. It also verifies an enterprise in no time, making the customer due diligence process robust.

In ID document verification, the client uploads images of the national records of his/her identity to the business or institute in an undamaged and readable state

The authenticating system embedded with OCR technology catches the ID information and other variables required. It changes them into a different format verifies the set of data from secure online facilities of government authorities, other global forces, agencies of intelligence, and financial watchdogs.

Documents are extracted using OCR technology and accurate result are provided to businesses by document verification.

Industrial Use Cases of  Document Verification System

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Every person from different parts of the world with various levels of income wishes to invest in virtual coins. But usually gets hesitant during the KYC authentication, providing sensitive data to international virtual platforms sounds riskier. Cashing out this reluctance of investors comes digital currency platforms that aren’t regulated. A proper ID document verification does not compromise on customers’  privacy but ultimately secures their funds and reputation from getting damaged. This is for both investor parties and platform authority that being a part of a crypto network without ID document verification surely reduces the time in onboarding and trading but increases the risk level to maximum.


With the passage of time, along with businesses, remote counseling and therapy treatments are getting more common day by day. Especially after the covid pandemic, medical services are being provided in this way. Now a functional solution for ID document verification enables businesses in pharmaceuticals to confirm the originality of a person. Due to multiple fraud cases getting public, hospitals, and healthcare companies have to analyze their customer onboarding process and its loopholes. However, swiftness in the medical field is more important than anything. AI-powered ID document verification maintains the speed and balance between patient identification and his/her treatment getting started. 

E-gaming and Gambling 

ID document verification in online gamings become a high priority of government and child protection laws all over the world. As minor protection is a concern that does not leave the spot for parents and the government. Like financial and corporate companies, gaming and gambling platforms are also enforcing the KYC verification to confirm that the onboarded client is eligible and identified with accuracy. If due to substandard authentication, a person with an engineered false identity commits a violation. The business will have to go through the consequences if a violation occurs.

Key Attributes of ID Document Verification

AI-driven confirming systems deliver fast and precise results of customer authentication. It gives absolutely no error in the validation, always generating an accurate output.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Engine

In ID document verification, automated systems conduct a digital scanning of identity certificates with help of the OCR technology. The OCR technology extracts the information through documents and confirms the information from global information houses.

Instant Integration

A document checker is completely independent, does not demand a specific additional download for performing authentication checks.

Evidence of Digital Document Verification

The online system for customer authentication presents proofs of images and videos of confirmation of identity. The verifying business for record maintenance and assurance of ID document verification.


AI-driven systems for ID document verification authenticate a person or a firm client. In banks, the pharmaceuticals industry, e-gaming, online casinos, digital currency platforms, everywhere ID document verification helps in speeding up customer expansion with accuracy. technology. The OCR technology extracts the information through documents and confirms the information from global information houses.

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