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Laundry is one of the daily chores of human life that cannot be skipped or missed. It has become a part of your daily life. The front-load washing machines have mitigated the burden of washing to a great extent by making the washing process fully automatic. You only need to sort the garments, load the washtub with clothes and add the detergent to start the washing process. But where to put the detergent? Is it in the detergent tray or directly into your washtub?

We’ve got the answers to all your questions, and we are here to help you decide where to put the detergent in your washing machine.

Where do you put the detergent in a washing machine?

Washing capsules go directly into your washtub even before the clothes and the liquid detergent go after the clothes have been load into the washing machine. It is always good to refer to the packaging instructions before you put the detergent in the washing machine for washing the clothes.

How to use washing machine capsule?

Washing machine capsules are highly recommend for saving a lot of time. If you are leading a busy life and do not have enough time for your daily chores, then washing machine capsules is the best solution. It is good to know how to use washing machine capsules while washing clothes in a washing machine.

  1. Use one capsule for washing lightly or medium soiled clothes.
  2. Put the capsule in the washtub before loading the clothes.
  3. Put the clothes on top of the capsule.
  4. Close the door and select the desired wash cycle and temperature for washing your clothes.
  5. Sit back and enjoy the next few hours with your family.

Attention- Keep the capsules out of reach from your children for maximum safety and care.

How to use liquid detergent?

Liquid detergent is excellent for removing tough stains. You can use liquid detergent for pre-treating the tough stains on your clothes.

  1. Pour some liquid detergent onto the tough stains on your clothes and gently rub the region together to loosen the tough stains.
  2. Load the washtub with clothes.
  3. Add liquid detergent into the detergent compartment by measuring it in a cup.
  4. Select the desired wash cycles and temperature to wash the clothes.

Attention- Do not overuse the liquid detergent thinking that more liquid detergent would clean your clothes more effectively. It does the opposite and damages the washing machine.

How to use powder detergent?

The detergent powder is easy to use and can be put directly into the washtub or put in the detergent tray for washing the clothes. The two options for using the powder detergent are-

  1. Put the detergent powder directly into the detergent tray of your top load washing machine. You can refer to the owner’s manual of the washing machine if you cannot figure out the right place to put the detergent powder.
  2. The next option is to put the detergent powder in a mesh bag and put it directly in the washtub. This allows easy and quick-dissolving of detergent powder. You can refer to the instruction manual to check whether the detergent powder can be use this way.

Powder detergent is also available in the form of washing tablets. These are mainly put in the washtub of your washing machine. This will help use the correct dosage of detergent powder for washing the clothes and reduce the excessive usage of detergent powder in washing machines.

Attention- It is essential to use only the required amount of detergent powder for washing your clothes. Always read the packaging of the detergent to find the correct dosage level for washing the clothes.

Other important points to be considered while washing clothes

We hope now you know where to put the detergent in your washing machine. The other important points to be considered while washing clothes in a washing machine are-

  • Do not overload the washing machine with clothes and leave some space in the washtub for easy movement of the clothes.
  • Do not under load the washing machine. Instead, select a shorter wash cycle.
  • Choose an appropriate wash cycle according to the type of fabrics. Consider the wash cycle, spin cycle and duration.
  • Select the right temperature by checking the wash care labels of your clothes and also check the instructions on the detergent package to find the most suitable temperature for washing your clothes.

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