How to Prepare a Pineapple Pachadi Online Recipe

Pineapple pachadi is a delicious dish that is usually served as a side dish to rice. However, it can also be served as a salad or a raita. While the dish is most commonly served as a side dish, it can be made into a salad by adding chopped pineapple and green chilies. If you don’t have fresh pineapple, you can use canned pineapple. This recipe can be prepared with the ingredients you already have.

To make the pachadi, you need fully ripe pineapple, coconut oil, salt, and sour yogurt. For the best taste, the coconut should be freshly grated, and the green chilies and curry leaves should be freshly ground. The curd must be fresh, as old stock curd spoils the taste of the pachadi. In addition, the pachadi should be prepared with coconut oil for its flavor.

You can also grind coconut and mustard seeds together until they are a smooth paste. The mixture should be slightly thick, and then you can add it to the cooked pineapple. You can also add whisked plain yogurt and seasoning to taste. Alternatively, you can fry sliced shallots in the oil. You can also stir in the curry leaves and whole black mustard seeds. While cooking the pineapple, remember to keep aside some to allow the flavors to blend together.


Steps to Prepare Pineapple Pachadi

For the base of the pineapple pachadi, you need to cut a few pineapple pieces. You can use a food processor to slice and blend them. To add flavor and moisture, you can add green chilli, turmeric powder, and ginger. You can also stir in 1 tbsp of crushed mustard seeds. Using a blender will help you make a smoother mixture. Once your pineapple pachadi is ready, you can serve it with hot rice.

You can prepare pineapple pachadi as a side dish by cooking the chopped pineapple in a pot or Kadhai. You can add water to the pan, but you should not use more than 2 cups of water. You can add coconut grate into the pot or mixer grinder. Ensure that you use the right amount of coconut to make the coconut paste. Adding more liquid will make the curry thick and tasty.

Once the pineapple is cooked, you can add a little coconut to make it a more spicy dish. You can also add a little coconut paste or curd to make it taste better. It is best to use fresh ingredients for the pineapple pachadi because fresh coconut is the best choice for this dish. When choosing to add coconut to your pineapple pachadi, make sure you don’t use any processed foods. They aren’t good for you.

To prepare the pineapple pachadi, mix the chopped pineapple with the coconut paste. To make the curry smoother, you can add some turmeric powder to the water. You can also use coconut oil instead of the coconut paste. A coconut oil masala is another essential ingredient for the pachadi. The curry should be thick, with the coconut pulp covering the entire pineapple. For the best results, the pachadi should be served warm.

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