How To Plan The Perfect Picnic When Traveling Countryside

We have all seen those countryside movies, Tumbler, and Pinterest feeds with flushed green meadows, bubbling sunshine, and pies. Sitting on a gingham printed picnic cloth.

Like it is the epitome of peace and tranquility!

We are sure this is a feeling you all wish to experience when you are traveling to the countryside. We wouldn’t say you are going too far with your demands if you wish to have a day out with a picnic basket. Either alone or with your partner.

But, how will you fix this perfect picnic basket? That is the question.

Yes, it will require some planning. No matter how simple it looks, it will require some planning beforehand. If you are here because you are visiting the countryside, and you cannot wait to make a day out for yourself, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing all the important details you must remember for your picnic.

Planning The Perfect Picnic!

Here are the top ten things you should keep in mind before you plan a picnic. Especially on lands you do not reside in and are just traveling.

Perfect Picnic img

1. Get The Perfect Entertainment

This is not the 1940s!

Yes, we know the idea of the picnic is exactly what you wish it was, but we do not live in such simpler times, and we will need entertainment. If you are going alone or with a group, talking and eating consumes one part, and the other is entertainment.

So, ensure you are carrying the right books and movies. You might not get an internet connection there, so download the movies beforehand from thenewpiratebay for free!

2. Get The Right Permission

If you are in an unknown land, do not set up a picnic without the right p[ermission. You do not know to whom the land belongs, and you can get into some trouble.

Talk to a local, and discuss the rightful permission, or look for picnic spots in the locality.

3. Picnic Basket Is A Must Have!

This might sound a little over the top, but we cannot have a picnic without a proper picnic basket. You know the kind we are talking about. The one is made with bamboo and looks very aesthetic.

If you are traveling somewhere, you do not need to carry them, but try to buy them from a local store.

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4. Choose The Right Weather

Yes, you have to choose the right location and also check the weather before you set up a picnic. You cannot set it up on a windy day, nor can you allow it on a heat wave. So, pick the right travel time and right weather and location to have a comfortable picnic.

Not where you get burnt to crisp!

5. The Essentials

There are some picnic essentials which you must always carry. These are sunscreens, mosquito repellent cream, an umbrella, and basically anything and everything which you will need when you are out in nature.

A car rental, for if you are late and do not get a transport to return from the location. Plus, download essentials like maps and important phone numbers, because you might not get an internet connection there.

6. The Right Mat

The tight mat might again seem too pretentious, but it is not. Flush grass-covered meadows do look very tempting, but the grass can irritate and prick your skin. So, you need to choose the right mat where people can sit and relax.

We would say go for a gingham for the aesthetic, but ensure it’s not too thin that derails the purpose.

Perfect Picnic

7. Bite Size Food

Bite-size food will be your best friend at a picnic. This means that you do not have to cook too extravagantly, and you can easily get it to the location.

A few bite-size foods are also great when you are trying to feed your small appetite throughout the picnic.

Have A Great Picnic!

If your idea is to sit under a tree and catch up with a book, with a wine glass in your hand, then we approve the plan!

Perfect for a lazy day out!

Just keep the following things in mind and have a great picnic. 

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