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How to pack different types of eyeliner in custom boxes?

Currently, there are many varieties of eyeliner in the market. All of these types are separated into several categories, depending upon their different uses around the eye. Beauty enthusiastic usually use all the different types of eyeliner. Each has its own benefits and style. All styles of eyeliner products are generally smaller in size. Thus, the packaging material required to satisfy these products must be appropriate in size to fit the product. Custom eyeliner packaging is the best way of protecting these delicate products. The eyeliner cosmetic products are usually thin and fragile, so these need boxes that ensure the safety of their bottles.

Custom packaging for different eyeliners:

Cosmetic brands must give attention to both the quality of the product and its packaging. Cosmetic packaging should reflect the beauty of the product inside them. Eyeliners are one of the most commonly used eye cosmetics that heighten the beauty of the eyes. These need special packaging boxes to showcase them in the market. Custom eyeliner packaging should be unique, appealing, and durable. Using custom boxes can be beneficial for a brand in several ways. One has to consider a few things while designing the box according to the product type.  Here are ways to package different eyeliners:

Pencil Eyeliner boxes:

Some eyeliner pencils are like standard pencils. However, these are now mostly available in mechanical style. These have a plastic cylinder with a retractable pencil, which with simple turning control their movements. There are different eyeliner pencils, such as thick pencil, thin pencil, smudgeable pencil, waterproof pencil, etc. Mostly these are black, but now many companies have introduced all color variety of liner pencils. All liner pencils are creamier and have a versatile use. These are the must-have type of eyeliner in a makeup bag for regular use.

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The custom eyeliner packaging of these liners depends on the size and color of the pencil. Sometimes these are available in varying thicknesses of tips, so the package must have details regarding the product.

Gel Eyeliner boxes:

Gel eyeliners have a thick waxy consistency and come in a small pot. These are applied with a brush or q-tip. The best advantage of gel liner is that it stays in place and is less likely to smudge once it sets. It is versatile in use; one can make thick or thin lines according to their preference. Gel eyeliner is mostly used to ensure that eyeliner will stay put for a longer time and will not come off easily. These are best when one wants more control over the line.

The boxes of the gel eyeliners are usually square to protect the small containers of the liner. The gel pots are usually delicate and need strong packaging to ensure their safety. To attract more customers, one can make their boxes in different styles and designs, such as window boxes.

Kajal Eyeliner boxes:

Kajal eyeliner is the most prominent type of liner. It is not creamy like other liners and gives a smooth look to the eyes. The kajal eyeliner lasts much longer compared to any of the other pencil eyeliners. The purpose of these is for the darkening around eyelids, as kajal liners are safe to apply on both upper and lower lids.

Custom printed eyeliner packaging boxes

Kajal eyeliner has a thick nib in a container similar to lipstick. These need short rectangular boxes for their packaging. For the package of kajal eyeliner, it is necessary to add details. For this, include details like usage and safety precautions of using them on lower lids.

Liquid Eyeliner boxes:

Liquid eyeliner is the most commonly used and purchased type. These have been in power in the market for a long time. The liquid liner is the traditional form of the liner. These are ideal for looks like a cat-eye or wing. A liquid liner goes on much more smoothly than a gel and provides you with a more precise line. Most liquid liners only take a few seconds to dry but can vary depending on the brand. If one wants something that will last a long time, liquid eyeliner is the way to go. These are best for drawing thin and wispy lines. The liquid liners come in fragile bottles. The boxes of such liners need to be sturdy to assure that they will reach customers in their best forms.


To conclude, there are different packages for all types of eyeliner. All the categories of eyeliner like pen, gel, kajal, or liquid have boxes that are appropriate for their size and usage.

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