How To Organize a Barbeque Party at Home?

Preparing for a barbeque party at home can feel a little overwhelming.

There is a high chance that you are doing everything to organize a perfect BBQ party and yet the feeling of missing out on something important is constant. Especially when you are a beginner in party hosting.

If you are going through similar situations don’t beat yourself up. Here in this article, I have listed all the necessary steps for throwing the most exciting Barbeque party, and bonus, you will get the award of best entertainer of all time. 😉

Ready. Set. Go!

1. Plan the date and time  

Now that you want to host the party at home, you must first lock the date and time. With the advancement of technology, you don’t need to call people to tell them about a party. Create a WhatsApp group and add your guests to the group.

Now write a sweet invitation to the group and suggest some prospective dates for the party. Take a quick vote and finalize the date and time. And of course, don’t forget to remind them before the celebration day.

2. Check your budget

There are two ways to give a party. Either you are financing the whole party or everyone is contributing to it. In the first case, you need to make sure that the final number of guests are coming to the party otherwise the food will get wasted.

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Furthermore, plan the dishes and estimate the budget. If all of your friends are paying individually for the party then figure out the whole cost and set up a minimum party fee. Make sure it’s not an irrational number.

3. Choose the foods and drinks

Before finalizing the food, it is extremely important to know that everybody is on the same page. Share the menu over the WhatsApp group and take their opinions. Further, make sure you keep it simple because, in the end, you have to cook.

Don’t add something fancy that takes lots of time and ingredients. Plain hamburgers, stakes, and hot dogs will do it for the party. You can consider beer and wine for drinks.

My friend living in Australia bought some tonic water Australia along with gin for a party at his home and the guests really liked it – so even you can keep it as one of your choices.

4. Keep appetizers, side foods, and desserts

Your guests will not want to jump to the dining table as soon as they come. You guys will do some chitchat, listen to music, and groove. That is the time appetizers and side foods like chips and potato salad will keep them occupied.

You can keep frozen chocolate ice cream or choco-chip cookies in the dessert section.

5. Buy utensils, plates, and cups

Trust me you don’t want to use your fine cutlery. It is a buzzkill. Instead, purchase a party pack from eBay or similar sites. This has all the essentials like plates, knives, forks, spoons, plastic tablecloths, etc.


Bonus tips

●   If you are hosting the party in the garden don’t forget about using mosquito repellent.

●   Do not use scented candles near the food.

●   Use decorative LED lights and crystal bubble ball string lights. It will give an aesthetic vibe.

●   Before preparing anything on the grill grate, heat it for twenty minutes, and scrub it with a wire brush. Do it whenever you are cooking something new.

●   Always wear grill gloves and an apron.

●   Keep extra long-handled grilling tools nearby.

●   If you put raw fish, and meat on ice prior to grilling, it roasts easily.

●   This is not mandatory but you can give your guests a call to make sure they are coming.

●   Marinate the meat before the party day and also prepare the salad and stock it in the fridge.

●   Keep your garden and the also the grill clean.

●   While buying vegetables always check the freshness.

●   Wireless speakers are far better than the big wired soundbox. Don’t forget to update your Spotify mix.

Over to you…

Start with implementing these tips and by the end, you will be ready for the grand party. But in case, you don’t have the time to arrange everything, you can always hire a caterer. You can find them online or locally. They will do everything on your behalf and you can enjoy the whole day with your inner circle.

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