How to Make Your Dog’s Bones Strong?

Bones or the skeleton, in general, has a worldwide reputation for being spooky or scary. But it does not take away the irrefutable fact that those bones are what hold together the whole body of almost all animals on the planet earth, and it’s no different for our canine companions. 

Bones have a huge role in keeping your dog’s body strong but have you ever thought about what’s keeping the bones strong? Awareness to keep the bones strong is long overdue for some dog owners. If it isn’t given its due importance, weak bones can cause a lot of trouble in the future and the present.

Here are some tips for making your dog’s bones strong.

Keeping a Nutrient-Rich Diet

Weakness in bones rises from deficiency of certain nutrients in the body, and including nutrient-rich foods in the diet can essentially solve the problem. Calcium may be the most popular nutrient related to bone health, and you should give it its due importance, but it is not the only important nutrient for bone health by a long shot. Vitamins like Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and other vitamins, Magnesium, Protein, and Phosphorus also contribute hugely to bone health. 

Canine parents should provide their dogs with diets rich in these nutrients as they play a huge role in keeping the bones strong. These nutrients can be found in both natural food products and commercial products. It is important to read and buy the ingredient list before buying dog food. And always buy from a good pet store

Seek Help from A Professional Nutritionist

While preparing a balanced diet consisting of the right nutrients, it is better to consult a professional nutritionist than do it all by yourself. You can commit several possible mistakes while doing it yourself that can perhaps endanger the dog’s life. 

If you unknowingly provide your dog with food that your dog is allergic to, it might cause an allergic reaction leading to unwanted consequences. The point is that there can be some foods that are not healthy for your dog, even if it is healthy food in general. So, consulting a veterinary nutritionist will undoubtedly be a good call for being on the safe side. 

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Also, it may be the case that you might not be providing the right nutrients your dog needs for strengthening the bones, or the food you’ve provided may not be balanced enough. As it’s like anything related to your dog’s health, the best advice is to consult the vet. In this case, your vet nutritionist. 

Maintaining Fitness

Apart from keeping a healthy diet, the best advice anyone can give you for strengthening your dog’s bones is to maintain their fitness. Like it’s with humans, exercising your dog regularly goes a long way toward maintaining health. 

Fortunately, unlike most humans, dogs don’t hate exercising. They love exercising, especially walking. Walking your dog daily can improve their overall health, including their bones. It is scientifically proven to be healthier for both the dog and the pet parent as it can elevate the parent’s mood. 

Not taking your dogs for walks can cause them to be restless and exhibit unwanted behaviors. To avoid that, you should make it into a daily routine. The amount of exercise required can depend on the breed and age of your dogs. You should consider those and create an appropriate exercise routine. 

You have to remember that too much exercise can also trouble your dog as much as too little exercise. Taking your dog on walks can keep them happy and healthy simultaneously, and isn’t that what all pet parents want for their dogs? 

Maintain An Optimum Weight

Like providing too little food for your dog, too much food can also harm their health. It is the same case in humans too. Too much food can cause the dog to become obese. It can make them uncomfortable, to say the least, making it pretty difficult for them to move around. Too much weight on the body can cause too much pressure to be applied to the bones and the joints. These effects can have huge ramifications in the future for your dog. 

Obesity can also have effects on other parts of the dog’s body. The heart is an example of an organ that can be affected by too much weight on the body. In any case, obesity can be harmful to the well-being of your dog, and avoiding it would be the best option. 


It is due time for dog owners to be aware of the consequences of not keeping their dog’s bones strong, as they can drastically affect their dog’s well-being. We have to be careful about our dog’s health so that they can be careless and be happy and have a good life.

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