How to Customize Your Macaron Boxes and Make Them Stand Out

Your product packaging could give your customers a view into what’s going on with your brand and how unique you are. In the bakery industry, investing in product packaging is something you should never ignore. If we talk about macaron boxes especially, they could be a viable way of helping your sales. How? By customizing the boxes and making them stand out. Getting excited? Read this post completely!

Apply Aesthetic Design to Your Custom Macaron Boxes

The aesthetic design combines flawless color mixtures and creative graphics. We know that colors impact the way customers would see your items. Aesthetic design on custom macaron boxes could drive the interest of your customers.

Use innovative graphics and combine them with interesting images to highlight your boxes. However, make sure that whatever design you focus on would characterize your macaron items and brand. Even better, you could also match the design of your packaging boxes with any special event such as Christmas and New Year. In this way, your boxes would increase the visibility of your sweet macarons.

Choose the Right Colors for Your Macaron Packaging Boxes

Many studies have stated that colors could really impact the purchasing decisions of your customers. This is something that comes with much evidence in all industries. Colors draw in people and influence them in an exceptional way.

Your product packaging, without any doubt, could represent the moment of truth for your business. No matter how incredible your item might be, if your packaging is ineffectively designed and come with poor quality material, it would not sell your item.

Thus, when it comes to choosing the right colors for your macaron packaging boxes, be wise. You should take enough time and find the best colors. Make sure that the colors would impact your targeted customers by inspiring the right feelings.

Make It Easier to Identify Your Clear Macaron Boxes

If you wish your customers to foster a relationship with your items and brand, you should make it easier for them. How? Design your clear macaron boxes that are easy to identify. For instance, you could make them familiar with your brand logo. In this context, you should always be consistent with it. Do not change or modify your brand logo frequently. 

Another thing you could do is by adding images of your delightful macarons on the boxes. By seeing the images, customers would easily know that those sweet macarons are from your brand. Most importantly, be honest by presenting the right image of your items inside.

Provide the Cause on Your Macaron Boxes Wholesale

We know that customers would look more for brands that are obliged with corporate social responsibility. Featuring your motivation through your Christmas macaron boxes would make your brand extraordinary.

For instance, if you use eco-friendly packaging material to reduce waste, you should mention this in the boxes. By doing this, people would see your business as a reliable one. In the end, they would feel more necessary to explore more about your brand.

Tell Your Brand Story through Bulk Macaron Boxes

What about transforming your packaging boxes into a progression of exciting brand and item stories? You could creatively play with pictures and short text to inform customers about your bakery brand. Tell them how did you start your business and what makes you unique.

Start a continuation of your story and make it connect enough that customers would hang tight for your next scene. People love to know more about their favorite brands. Providing all on your bulk macaron boxes would additionally assist you in your branding strategy.

Apply Premium Finishing on Your Custom Macaron Boxes

The first impression counts. Applying premium finishing options to your custom macaron boxes would make them immediately visible to customers. Remember, the quality of your items and the packaging boxes they come with are important. In fact, the first impression could represent the deciding moment of your brand image.

When you partner with a proficient packaging company, they would offer various wonderful finishing options such as:

  • Matte coating
  • Glossy coating
  • UV spot
  • Foil stamping
  • And more

Personalize Your Macaron Packaging Boxes

If you wish to build customer loyalty, you should engage with them. Adding an extra macaron to your packaging boxes would make customers feel more appreciated. Or else, you could slip in a card to say thanks in your macaron packaging boxes to show your gratitude.

Personalizing your packaging boxes would make them stand out within a brief time. Small details really matter today. Accordingly, using your packaging boxes for such ideas could go far in supporting sales and customer maintenance.

Choose the Right Style for Your Macaron Boxes Wholesale

There are various box styles according to the needs and purpose. The right style would make your items to be more captivating for customers. Eventually, it would urge them to purchase more from you.

For this, you need to choose the right style for your macaron boxes wholesale. Yet, make sure to choose the one that meets the expectations of your brand and customers.

You could choose either a unique box style or a staying framework. Most importantly, you should not consider only packing your macarons. More than that, think about how the boxes should deliver your sensitive sweets to customers’ hands.

Below are some popular styles you could choose for your custom macaron boxes wholesale.

  • Window boxes

Boxes with windows are famous in the bakery industry. Even better, window boxes are the best way to entice customers with your items inside. When customers could see the actual shapes and conditions of your macarons, they would not think twice to bring them home.

  • Gable boxes

Gable boxes are another popular style in the bakery industry. With the handle shapes on them, these boxes give maximum convenience for customers. By having this style for your packaging boxes, you are showing customers how you care about their experience.

  • Tube boxes

Macarons come in round shapes. This is where having tube boxes as your macaron boxes would be a perfect fit to present them.

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