How to Choose the Best Grout Color for Tiles?

How to Choose the Best Grout Color for Tiles?

Tiles are one of the most popular flooring options for homeowners today. Be it your bathrooms, laundry room, garage, or kitchen flooring. More and more people prefer tiles for the easy cleanup and sturdy outlook. Well, you might ignore the grout color selection. But, after deciding on the color scheme of your bathroom, you have to pick the right grout color and seal it. 

Due to the variety of colors and styles available, you may also end up choosing a color that clashes with your decor. To avoid this, let’s try to answer the top concerns about grout color. Here is how you can go about choosing the best grout color for tiles on your new or existing floors. 

But first, consider asking these queries:

  • Which grout color is easiest to clean?
  • Should grout be lighter or darker than the tiles?
  • Should it be the same as the tile color?
  • Can I experiment with the grout colors?
  • Do I need to seal the grout?
How to Choose the Best Grout Color for Tiles?

Which grout color is easiest to clean?

In general, most people are concerned about grout cleaning. It is a common concern, especially for bathrooms and kitchens. Typically, lighter grout lines will show stains quickly than darker ones. On the other hand, darker grout can discolor easily in the shower area. So, a lighter grout demands a more cleaning regime than a darker grout color. Tundra grey tile, for instance, looks stunning with light grey grout color.  

Should grout be lighter or darker than the tiles?

It is easy to answer this query. If you love the classic look, choose light grout colors with lighter tiles. But, you may opt for darker grout lines for a more dramatic outlook. Moreover, darker grout lines are perfect for more traffic areas.  

Should it be the same as the tile color?

Well, you do not have to pick the same grout color as the tiles. It is not mandatory to match the entire look. But, it is no issue if you prefer to go for matching. So, the grout color can vary based on your taste and preferences. 

Can I experiment with the grout colors?

Yes, you can. You can always reverse the classical and traditional approaches towards these things. Home décor is all about innovation. So, bring on your game with different grout colors. Furthermore, bathroom tiles are the best place to try bold and bright grout colors to contrast your tiles. 

Do I need to seal the grout?

When it comes to sealants, you must use them on the grout lines as well. It is not only about color or longevity. In addition, a sealer tends to protect your tiles as a whole. Moreover, it protects your grout color from getting stained or discolored. If the color of your grout does not come out as expected, a sealer will balance out the tone of the tiles. Specifically, cement-based grouts are mandatory to seal as they are porous. 

Now that you have answers to the most common queries, learn how to select the best grout color for tiles:

  1. Determine the entire color scheme:

When choosing the grout color, do not overlook your surrounding décor. Always consider the veining pattern of the tile, vanity color, walls, and other aspects. In the same way, it must complement the tiles, walls, and overall design.

  1. Look at the complexity of the design:

Consider the complexity of the tile design. Go for contrasting tiles and grout for a dynamic look. Otherwise, lighten up the tone with a light grout color.

  1. Pick a grout color that has easy cleanup:

Depending on your lifestyle and busy schedule, pick a grout color that is easy to clean and maintain. 

  1. Consider using gray grout on light-colored tiles:

Grey grout lines are the safest option for all styles. Moreover, the grey grout color is best suited to grey marble tiles. In the case of tundra grey tile, it is perfect to go with its veining pattern. 

  1. Choose off-white for over bright white:

Is white and off-white confusing for you? Go for an off-white grout color as it offers a more natural look. 

  1. Opt for darker grout lines in the shower area:

Your shower area is more likely to get dirt and mold. So, opt for darker grout lines for durability concerns. Plus, dark lines look fantastic in shower backsplashes as well. 

  1. Choose carefully with multicolored tiles:

Multi-color tiles are tricky to handle. So, pick any one color from the tiles and go for a matching grout color. 

  1. Consider the size of your tiles:

The size and location of your tiles matter the most. Larger tiles can have darker grout lines. But lighter grout goes well with mosaic or subway tiles. 


Choosing the grout color can be overwhelming. So, consider asking the queries mentioned in this article. Then, pick the grout color that complements the tiles and overall interior. Also, consider the complexity of the design, easy cleanup, and go for grey grout lines on the safer side.  

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