The hassle with shopping for state-of-the-art handguns is that it’s frequently tough to discover holsters. This doesn’t appear to be a prime hassle with the Hellcat. The enterprise has embraced the micro 9mm with fingers extensive open.

I’ve currently had the threat to check a Hellcat out for myself and am determined to do a little digging on delivering alternatives for the little pistol. The extraordinary component approximately a gun this small is that it offers you some alternatives in delivery modes. From a pocket, to out of doors and within the waistband, to an appendix, to shoulder delivery, and greater, there are some alternatives out there.

As a result, I’ve accumulated 5 extraordinary holsters for the Hellcat masking a variety of delivery modes. My attention become on hid deliver in my choice due to the fact the Hellcat is a hid deliver gun. So, without similar ado here’s a listing of my modern pinnacle 5 Hellcat holsters. You also can see my video on them on the pinnacle of the page.

OWB Option: DeSantis Mini Slide

There is continually an area for a conventional leather-based holster. While kids are right here to stay, the appealing and skinny nature of leather-based is continually appreciated. The DeSantis Mini Slide is an all-leather-based doors waistband (OWB) holster that makes use of passive retention to hold the gun in the vicinity. The passive retention is adjustable thru a small screw. The leather-based is formed flawlessly for the Hellcat and it’s a piece of art.

When it involves the Hellcat, the Mini Slide is a tremendous aggregate of a high-tech, micro-compact 9mm with a few old-college appeal.

IWB Option: Phalanx Defense Stealth Operator Compact

The Phalanx Defense Stealth Operator is a sequence of Hellcat holsters designed to deal with over a hundred and fifty extraordinary guns. I attempted out the Compact within the waistband (IWB) model and located that the Hellcat clicks into vicinity almost flawlessly with it. The cause defend retention tool holds the gun in the vicinity, and the friction from a belt-hooked-up IWB holster will do the rest.

This Kydex layout is rock stable and made to last. I’ve been the use of those holsters for years now and the Stealth Operator is a cushy and dependable choice for everyday delivery. Its inflexible layout makes it smooth to reholster and draw from. Its twin steel clip machine holds the gun stable and regular for all-day delivery.

Shoulder Holster: The Alien Gear Cloak

Shoulder Holsters are the area of interest holsters; however, they surely have their vicinity. I like mine for avenue trips, as I discover it less complicated to get entry to and greater cushy whilst seated in a vehicle. With wintry weather across the nook jackets are breaking out and those are layering up, so shoulder rigs are going to create their every year rounds.

The Cloak Shoulder Holster makes use of a custom-molded shell implanted in a leather-based housing. This layout incorporates your Hellcat and makes use of a leather-based thumb clip to preserve it. The holster is crafted from leather-based and gives lots of pliability for cushy delivery. Its actions together along with your body, and the non-obligatory mag pouches and blanketed tie-downs provide you with a whole shoulder rig on your Hellcat.

Appendix Carry: Crossbreed Reckoning

Appendix deliver is without difficulty the maximum famous approach of delivering round today. It gives shooters a quicker draw, a less complicated to hide a gun, and a cushy and on-hand role for toting a firearm.

The Crossbreed Reckoning holster become one of the first holsters to be had for the Hellcat and it’s a display stopper. The Crossbreed Reckoning is a low-profile IWB holster adaptable to OWB usage, and able to get used for appendix delivery (as examined right here). It’s a rig that’s an aggregate of leather-based backing and a tough shell. The tough shell keeps the weapon brilliantly and the padded leather-based shell guarantees its cushy all day long.

Pocket Carry: Clinger Holster Comfort Cling

The Springfield Hellcat is simply small sufficient to be pocket carried in case you go along with the flush-fitting, 11-spherical mag. The Clinger Holsters Comfort Cling suits the Hellcat like a glove and is remarkably cushy. It slides into the pocket and clings to it. When you draw your Hellcat, the holster remains put, making it brief and easy to attract your weapon. Pocket delivery is an awesome, deep-concealment delivery approach properly suitable for people who can’t deliver conventionally because of how they may be dressed.


So, there you’ve got it. Five stable holster alternatives for the brand-new Hellcat micro 9mm, providing you with a wide variety of delivering mode alternatives. Click here If you need to hold to your pocket, at your appendix, below your shoulder, or for your hip, there’s one right here for you.

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