Hands Free Retractable Dog Lead: Functions and Usage Features

Walking is the happiest time for a dog. This is a long-awaited communication with the owner and the opportunity to play and run a lot. However, sometimes a four-legged friend has an excess of emotions and becomes uncontrollable, it is very difficult to restrain the dog’s impulses. To make the walk as comfortable and safe as possible for both the owner and the dog, it is recommended to choose the right leash. 

Special hands free retractable dog leashes are considered the most popular today. The device represents a plastic case with a spring mechanism inside for winding the leash. The design is very convenient, it involves the presence of control buttons that are designed to fix the length of the leash. Thus, the owner can easily control the distance.

The Waudog online store offers you the highest quality customize hands free retractable dog leash at an affordable price. In addition, on the website, you can find personalised leather collars, cotton harnesses, and other custom products from the best manufacturers. Take the time to visit waudog.com and purchase a reliable accessory for your pet.

Read below for more details about the functions of the customized hands free retractable dog leash and the features of its use.

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Main Functions of the Hands Free Retractable Dog Lead

Hands free retractable dog leads confidently replace conventional leashes. This type of lead has its specific functions:

  • Keeping the pet at a safe distance, controlling the dog’s behavior, and preventing conflicts with other animals thanks to the short-term stop function;
  • No need to manually pull the leash or wrap it around a hand;
  • The tape measure does not sag and gives more freedom for the pet’s movements.

According to waudog.com, the most striking advantages of a hands free retractable leash include the following:

  • Convenience and ease of use. You can easily control the distance between you and the dog, as well as adjust the direction of movement of your four-legged friend. At the same time, you will not feel the excessive load on your arms and shoulders, which means you can walk your dog with pleasure;
  • Comfort for the animal. The dog quickly gets used to such a leash and eventually stops noticing it;
  • No pollution. The leash unwinds and rewinds with a spring mechanism, which means that the tape does not come into contact with the ground and does not get dirty.
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Application Tips

A hands free retractable dog leash should not be the first leash for a puppy. The dog must obey the owner’s commands and have an initial level of training to avoid dangerous consequences. Such a leash can be bought only if the dog has mastered the command “nearby”.

In urban conditions, retractable dog leashes should be used with extreme caution. It is not necessary to release a dog on the full length of a tape on busy streets and at the accumulation of unfamiliar dogs. The roadway, other animals, cyclists, etc. can provoke a sharp jerk of the pet, which can cause injury.

The instructions for all leashes describe in detail the operating rules that cannot be ignored. If you follow the recommendations, a walk with a dog will be enjoyable and, most importantly, safe. Here are some of them:

  • Always choose a retractable dog leash according to the weight of the animal. The weight indicated on the product must be greater – this is a margin of safety for a jerk;
  • Do not stop the tape during rewinding to avoid injury;
  • Always use the retainer in public places;
  • Do not fasten the leash to a strict collar;
  • Don’t use a retractable dog lead as your puppy’s first leash;
  • Be sure to clean the tape from dirt before storing the leash. Then stretch the leash to its full length and dry. This will help to avoid wear and jamming of the reeling mechanism.

So, buying a leash from waudog.com is a great choice for your dog. Compliance with the above rules of use will ensure a long and reliable service life of the product. Don’t forget about the name collar as well. Thanks to the indication of names, such collars do not allow pets to get lost.

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