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Guide – How To Install Straight Wig With Curly Hair

Straight Lace front wigs
Choose the right kind of wig to make your hairstyle glow!

Wigs are one of the finest ways to style your hair and keep up with the latest hair trends..whether you want to go for sleek and chic straight extensions kinky curly wigs, installing them can be intimidating if you are new to extensions. Wigs vary from straight lace front wigs, kinky curly wigs, and full lace wigs, and many more. Each set has its advantages and installation methods. So, read further and find ways to install your straight lace frontal wigs with your naturally curly hair.

Step 1: Checking The Size Of The Wig 

Kinky curly wig 
Kinky curly wig 

Before buying any wig, be it kinky curly human hair extensions or frontal lace wigs, you need to choose the kind of cap which will fit you perfectly. If the wig doesn’t fit you, there are high chances of it slipping from your head, and you won’t be able to maintain a flawless and natural look.

If you are going for a straight lace frontal wig, you need to be more precise about the size of the wig because if it doesn’t fit your head, it will not look as natural as your real hair. The wig will either be too shabby or it will easily slip off.

Step 2: Getting The Right Style 

Style your Lace wigs
Achieve your finest looks with the style that you want!

When you want to wear wigs, choosing the right kind of texture is important because installing a straight wig on curly hair is a time-consuming process. Whether you want to go for a kinky curly wig or a straight natural wig, it is important to choose the right wig length and styling. 

However, if you are going for a straight lace frontal wig made up of human hair it will give you the freedom to go for the style you want. You can choose to color and style your human hair wig just like how you would style your natural hair. Your human hair wig needs the same kind of maintenance as your natural hair. 

Step 3: CornRow Braiding 

Braid your curly hair
Braid your hair as flat as possible

Suppose you have naturally curly hair and install straight lace frontal wigs. Then the first step is to braid your hair into cornrows. Braiding your hair into cornrows will make it easier for you to install your wigs and make them look natural. 

You need to braid your hair as small as you can and make it look flat as possible. You can also braid it into a milkmaid braid with long curly hair. This is to make your lace front wigs fit flat onto your hair and make it look as natural as possible. 

Step 4: Fitting The Wig Cap

Wig cap for Lace front wigs
Ensure that your wig cap is secured properly

Now, it is time to fit the wig cap on your head. After braiding your hair into cornrows, it is important to put on the wig cap. When you wear the wig cap, your straight lace frontal wigs will stick to your head for a longer period without slipping off. 

For this, take the wig cap and then put it on your head; cut off the access caps, which will be near your ear and forehead. Make sure to use a small scissor when cutting it for a clear cut. After that, add some makeup glue to your wig cap and conceal the cap by using a makeup concealer. 

Step 5: Wearing The Wig 

Straight Lace front wigs
Follow the steps and flaunt your wig in the most perfect way.

Follow these steps on wearing wigs:

  1. Hold the wig at the nape with both of your hands.
  2. Tilt your head slightly forward and then position the wig above the eyebrows
  3. Slip the wig on your head forward-backward motion starting from the front to the back of your head. 
  4. Push the front of the wig backward until the wig is placed slightly below your natural hairline 
  5. Center the wig by placing the tabs in the front of the ears; ensure that you don’t cover them.
  6. Adjust the parting of your hair in the way you normally like it. 
  7. Using a wig tape or a grip headband, secure the wig. You can also secure them with bobby pins.
  8. If your wig feels loose, then use the adjustable tabs at the back of your wig to fit on your head precisely. 

Once comfortable with the wig, you can now start with the styling process, and voila! You will have the finest hairstyle created with your lace front wig or kinky curly wigs.  


Wigs are the most effective approach to instantly alter your appearance. If you know the right way to choose and wear the wigs, they will look beautiful and natural. So, skip going to a stylist every time you want to wear a wig and simply follow these steps and do it yourself. It may not seem very easy at first but trust your process, and everything will work out once you have been used to it. 

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