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Going to Music School? Here’s What You Need to Know

There are many options for going to Music School like Edge Music Academy. You can earn a Bachelor of Music or a Master of Music. You can even double major in the program. It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before you sign up for the first school you come across. This article will help you navigate the different options available. It will also help you determine what costs are involved. You can also read about how to get a scholarship if you’re considering applying to music school.

Bachelor of Music

If you’re interested in studying music, a Bachelor of Music School is an excellent choice for you. This degree program will require 128 credits and focuses on music theory, conducting, performance studies, and general education courses. You’ll also take 37 credits of electives. To graduate, you must pass a piano proficiency exam. The exam is usually given at the beginning of each semester. Some schools offer joint degree programs that combine music with another discipline, such as business.

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In addition to majoring in music, you can also choose to concentrate in a certain area, such as audio production, music education, or composition. While not every music school offers concentrations, you should take the time to compare degree plans. Additionally, remember to look for regional and national accreditation for the school. Both are important to ensure that a music school Homer Glen is consistent and high-quality. Some music bachelor’s degrees even go a step further by obtaining programmatic accreditation, which evaluates specific discipline-related standards. Programmatic accreditation is provided by the National Association of Schools of Music, which accredits graduate-level programs and undergraduate degrees in music.

Master of Music

A Master of Arts degree in music is a graduate-level course of study designed to develop professional skills and prepare students for professional practice. These degrees can be completed in two years, require thirty credit hours of graduate-level work, and generally culminate in a professional recital. Instead of a traditional thesis, these degrees typically involve individual instruction in music theory, history, and pedagogy. Some programs also offer concentrations in certain areas of study, including vocal performance and composition.

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A master’s degree in music lessons education can lead to a career in the performing arts or in a variety of related fields. A master’s degree in music education, for instance, can be very beneficial to musicians who wish to pursue doctoral work in music performance. A master’s degree in music education will expand students’ knowledge of current research in the field of music education and help them become more effective educators and administrators. While the costs of a music education graduate program can be high, many programs offer generous scholarships and competitive tuition.


If you want to continue your studies while pursuing a career in music, you may want to consider double-majoring in music school Homer Glen. Many double-majors have gone on to successful careers in music and other fields.

A double-major program in music school Homer Glen may not be the best fit for everyone. Some schools will only allow you to major in one of these fields. Other options include studying a language or mathematics, biological or physical science, or social science. Some schools also allow you to double-major in two different disciplines. The program requirements vary by discipline. However, most double-major options take around five years of study. However, some programs will take longer than that.

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The cost of music school can vary significantly. Some institutions charge more than $180,000 a year for rent while others offer less expensive tuition. The cost of tuition depends on the school’s location. If you’re not sure of the cost, compare the price of music school in your area with the prices of other institutions.

You may qualify for financial aid, depending on your financial situation. Depending on the school, you may qualify for a grant or a loan. Many music school Homer Glen also offer scholarships based on the musician’s talent or academic ability. Some scholarships may even provide performance opportunities or study with a distinguished professor. Regardless of the type of financial aid you qualify for, make sure to create a college savings plan and apply for as many scholarships as you can.