Plants and Flowers in Your Home

Emotional and Health Benefits From Having Plants and Flowers in Your Home

More Than Just Aesthetic Beauty

Have you ever seen a sunset and felt yourself sigh, whether or not you intended to? Have you ever been near a blue lagoon in the summertime, with the wind brushing up against the palms, and fish making shadows under the perfectly clear waves? Didn’t that beauty affect you on some wonderfully visceral level?

The truth is, that natural environments tend to bring out the “wonder” in us. Whether or not we may consciously admit it, the natural world speaks to us. But we’re in a modern environment now where all the walls have been built and nailed together atop synthetic foundations. We are kind of “beyond” nature, even though we still use it to exist as a modern society.

What this means is that our disconnection from the reality of the world has negative consequences we don’t see. Just as the sunset makes us sigh in appreciation almost without meaning to, the lack of proximity to the natural world tends to affect us in hidden ways. There’s not a lot that can be done, but there are a few things you might want to consider.

Foliage in your home, in the form of plants or flowers, help to keep you in a healthy place physically, psychologically, and even in terms of what may be called the “spirit”. Following we’ll briefly explore the value of having healthy foliage in your home.

Emotional and Health Benefits From Having Plants and Flowers in Your Home

1. Natural Stress Reduction

Have you ever seen a flower you didn’t expect out in nature and found that it captured your imagination; if briefly? Sometimes you’re even captivated for a couple of moments. A gorgeous violet with a soothing aroma can be entrancing. Many find when they stop to smell the roses, they feel better about themselves and life in general.

There are a few reasons for this, chief among them the fact that flowers reduce stress. It’s not just about taking time to experience life, though that’s part of it. The smells themselves, the appearance of the flower to the eye, and the impression of vitality it imparts all combine together into a positive psychologically-enhancing reality that curbs stress.

Stress, it turns out, actually lowers your life expectancy, because it erodes telomerase, which is a compound that sort of binds the strands of your DNA together like tape keeps a shoelace from unraveling. More stress erodes telomerase, less stress allows it to persist, slowing down the aging process. So flowers reduce stress and therefore make you live longer.

2. Air That is More Clean

Plants clean the air; and not just one or two little flowers or ficus plants here or there. Quite a few different plants can scrub the environment of your home. This makes things smell better and benefits your health by reducing toxic compounds that would otherwise be filtered through your lungs.

Emotional and Health Benefits

3. Psychological Enhancement Via Aroma

Have you ever heard of “aromatherapy”? It’s a real thing, and flowers are an avenue toward the benefits of such new discoveries in medicine. Essential oils are generally proscribed, but flowers can be of use as well.

Good smells can actually make you feel happy. Bad smells can lead to continuous psychological malcontent. Talk to a florist, and talk to someone in waste management. The florist is almost always in a better mood.

There’s something weird that happens to either individual, though. The waste management guy eventually can’t perceive the smell because it becomes normalized. The same is true of the florist. Basically, they both subconsciously “lean” into their varying environments. Well, at home, you’re in a similar situation.

If it smells bad and you don’t change it, you’re going to psychologically “lean in” to that toxic environment. Flowers, especially in something like a subscription box, are an excellent solution to help you continuously refresh the “smell” profile of your home.

Optimizing Your Health Through Floral Decor in Your Home

Aromatherapy helps you feel better, and plants facilitate as much. Plants also clean the air, which means you’ll literally breathe easier. Finally, flowers and other plants can help reduce how stressed you feel, which in turn slows down how fast you age. Basically, if you aren’t designing with plants or flowers now, it’s something you should consider.

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