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Electric skateboard: Some things to know

It’s mostly young people who go skateboarding but most of us probably think it’s fun to watch. Interest in skateboarding has grown since it was first created in the United States. California is often singled out as the place where this four-wheeled board was invented. It was intended as a complement to surfing and for those surfers who at the moment could not be on the water.

Prohibited in some countries

Skateboarding was not at all popular when it came to some countries. For example, in Sweden, voices were raised because it destroyed young people and in Norway, skateboarding was banned for over a decade in the 70s and 80s. Since skateboarding was introduced as an alternative to surfing, it has grown and become a sport of its own. There were many things that could be done on land that could not be done at sea and therefore they were soon seen as two separate things.

Electric skateboard

The star with video games

Even for many who do not skateboard themselves, Tony Hawk is a well-known name. He can definitely be said to be the one who took the skateboard to the really big masses. In addition to being world champion in skateboarding ten times, he had a video game that became immensely popular. This video game was not only played by people with a great interest in skateboarding but it became popular far beyond that circle. Virtually everyone who grew up in the early 90’s has some relationship with the game. In addition to winning World Cup gold and helping to create a game, Tony Hawk has also invented several different tricks and he was the first in the world to document a 900. This means that he rotated two and a half times in the air before landing. On a board with wheels!

The increasing trend of electric skateboards

Today, if you live in a big city, electric bikes and electric scooters in all their glory, but in recent times it has also become increasingly popular with electric skateboards. In short, you can say that an electric skateboard is a completely normal skateboard, but instead of being propelled by kicking it, it is driven by a motor that is rechargeable.

electric skateboard

Buy an electric skateboard

Are you interested in buying an electric skateboard? Then you will have many options to choose from. There are some popular brands and models you can find. Make sure you use a reputable company and a shipping method that is good for the environment. Based on our experience, we recommend you to visit voeep.com.

Hub motor and belt driven motor

The electric motors can look different when it comes to design. If you look at the electric skateboards that are powered by hub motors, these motors are in the skateboard’s wheels. The motors can be placed in both one or two wheels.

Instead, belt-driven motors have the motor on the outside. The most common is then that the engine is located on the underside of the skateboard. Instead of the engine going directly to the wheels, there is a belt that is connected between the engine and wheels. In both cases, you use a remote control to be able to increase or decrease the speed. The control is held in the hand during the entire drive and is wireless. Are you interested in electric skateboards? Why don’t you launch view in-store?
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