Difference between Straight Wavy and Curly Hair

Differences between Straight Wavy and Curly Hair

Difference between  Straight Wavy and Curly Hair
Difference between Straight Wavy and Curly Hair

Kinky curly hair and wavy hair, two terms used together to describe hair type, “kinky curly hair” and “wavy hair” are often used interchangeably, but how much curly hair and wavy hair? There is a difference. Curly and wavy hair types have different curls, thicknesses, and textures. 

Many people think that curly hair and wavy hair are the same, but wavy hair is one type of curly hair. Today I want to introduce you to the difference between curly hair and wavy hair.

Straight Wavy 

The structure of wavy hair is thicker than that of straight hair. The wave-like structure lies somewhere between straight and curved. The cables are twisted in an “S” shape. Our Brazilian wavy wigs is not considered “curly” and is not recommended for people with curly or wavy hair. Wavy hair is generally not straight and becomes dry and tangled.

The Pros Of Wavy Hair

This type of shoulder-length hair is neither perfectly straight nor particularly curly. It’s heavier than straight hair, but it’s heavier and easier to straighten. As the hair grows on the scalp, the waves are more noticeable towards the ends of the hair. This is a different type of non-curly hair. With this hair type, the waves are more pronounced and sloping vertically to create a loose S-shaped curl.

The Cons Of Wavy Hair

The hair follicle is light, so it is completely raised. This will make the texture of the wire rougher. Wavy hair also means that it is more likely to fall out, fade, and lose moisture than straight hair.

Kinky Curly Hair Extension 

Kinky Curly Hair Extension 
Kinky Curly Hair Extension 

There is no need to analyze hair in the laboratory to find out if a person has curly hair. This is because a person with curly hair can notice an instant difference when standing in front, especially with straight hair. It seems that curls and waves are nothing special, the only difference is the strength of the curl.

There are three main types of curly hair: curly hair, wavy hair, and curly hair. Curly hair is often thought of as coarse hair but is softer. It is also known to be fat. This is generally true, but curly hair can also be cured. Kinky curly human hair extension is the toughest curl, especially for people of African descent.

The benefits of curly hair

Easy to find

Curly hair is an incomplete dominant gene. That is, there can be many versions of curly hair, such as wavy or very smooth curls. Crowded hangouts and short spiral haircuts are easy to find in the workplace. There is no doubt that you will see curly hair everywhere. 


The biggest advantage of having beautiful curly hair is tailoring. It is always in fashion to sublimate your hair or let it go with simple meatballs! Add a weird headband or razor to make it look trendy and easy to take off.

Lack of shampoo

Whether you don’t wash your hair for a day or two or you dry your hair, your curly hair doesn’t need maintenance! Like her straight-haired friends, if they skip their hair washing day, their hair gets stiff and dull. Reduce shampoo.

Fewer Knots and Tangles

Kinky curly hair is much less noticeable than straight, knotted hair. Curly hair is unique and beautiful! Girls with straight hair spend countless hours curling their hair in high heat and with products that can be harmful to their hair. You have naturally curly hair and that is something you should be proud of!

Curly Hair Loss
Curly Hair Loss

Curly Hair Loss


In addition to the many positive properties of beautiful hair, curly hair should also have some drawbacks. Moisture is not your friend. Especially in the sultry July and August weeks, our hair resembles a lion’s mane until it is pulled back into a solid pair.

Cannot be Viewed in Full

The total length of your hair is not shown. The curls are curly and therefore appear much shorter than the hair. You can only see the full length of the hair when it’s wet or straight.

Cannot be Repaired

There are many benefits to styling curly hair, but if you don’t need a curly hair version, changing your hairstyle can take hours, such as changing your hairstyle. In some cases, styling requires special skills and expensive products.

Can’t clean By-self

Dry brushing can break off and break the tips, and combing or brushing dry hair can cause curls. After brushing my hair with a dry brush the next morning, my hair is full of kinky and still curly hair. To prevent this from happening, you can use nonstick spray, oil, or a damp hairbrush.

Differences Between Curly Hair And Wavy Hair

 Curly Hair And Wavy Ha
Curly Hair And Wavy Ha

1. Curly hair takes the form of vertical spirals or bottle openers. Examples are the hair of Shirley Temple and Taylor Swift.

2. Wavy hair is for vertical curlers but forms an “S” in place of tight curls. It is also classified as a zigzag pattern.

3. Curly hair is curled with a tight curl like spring.

4. Wavy hair is found in straight, curly hair that has no curls but is wavy and zigzagged in pastel colors.

5. Curly hair starts right on the scalp, is thick and dense, and wavy hair is straight and soft. The structure of wavy hair is delicate.

6. Curly hair is difficult to style, but many people choose the curls they want for their hair.

7. Curly hair is difficult to style when dry.

8. Hedgehogs are considered rounder. Wavy hair is a soft definition.

9. Curly hair looks thick. Curls often start on the scalp and keep their shape to the ends of the hair. Wavy hair often becomes disheveled and flattened at the bottom as it approaches the scalp.

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