Corrugated Bin Boxes –Diversified Uses Corrugated Packaging.

If you are a businessman, managing warehouses, working as a factory worker, or working as a distributor, you must know how packaging is essential for your business success.  

You cannot ship your products, cannot safe and secure in your stores without packaging. 

So the packaging is crucial for external uses and equally essential for the internal security of the product. 

However, corrugated bin boxes are one of the best solutions to your packaging problem. 

Using the appropriate packaging method, you can secure products, track them quickly, and, most importantly, identify your product. 

However, the standard cardboard packaging box comes in three layers such as: 

  • Firstly, liner-board, the exterior layer 
  • Secondly, flute 
  • Thirdly, the wavy layer 

For extra care and protection, additional corrugated sheets can be added. The corrugated box is standard for shipping. This material is robust enough. However, this material is safe in the roughest uses. 

Moreover, this material is very economical and cost-effective. In addition, most companies are using these boxes for printing. 

Customized boxes

Printed customized boxes look attractive and eye-catchy. Due to printed logos, these boxes work as the best marketing tool. 

However, make your products more attractive with printing logos, tag lines, and diversified graphics.

Moreover, your trendy packaging will contribute to massive sales of your quality products. 

So, let’s start today and explore markets to beautify your corrugated bin boxes. These boxes are very eye-catchy. 

Importantly, don’t worry about sizes. You will choose the size, and the manufacturer will follow you. They will make the exact look that you want. Customized boxes can cut your marketing cost. 

Cardboard Vs. Corrugated Tall Corrugated Boxes

1-   Cardboard Boxes 

Before going further, it is necessary to clarify your concept about the difference between conventional cardboard boxes and corrugated bin box packaging. 

So, let’s try to explain some essential points. 

  • Thick paper pulp or stock is used to make Cardboard boxes
  • These boxes are strong but used for carrying small products
  • Cardboard boxes are designed to keep items secure from external damages

2-   Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated paperboard and fiberboard boxes are used in industries and on a commercial level. 

These boxes are known as cardboard boxes. Corrugated bin boxes are made with two or three fiberboard sheets. A corrugated sheet has a rippling sheet or wavy pattern. 

Moreover, it increases the strength of corrugated boxes rather than non-corrugated packages. 

However, thick paper (containerboard) is used to make fiberboard. So, all materials make these boxes more strong to bear harsh conditions. These boxes can handle rough handling, heat, and long distance. 

Kinds Of Corrugated Cheap Corrugated Boxes

There are several types of corrugated bin boxes available. These different boxes are used for other conditions. Every box has unique features. These boxes are suitable for retail shops and commercial and industrial packaging. So, the types of these boxes are: 

Corrugated Boxes

1-   Single-Faced Corrugated Boxes For Sale

This corrugated bin box consists of an outer liner layer and fluting layer. These boxes are available in rolls, and you can cut these rolls easily. 

These boxes are suitable for the protection of small to large products. You can secure your irregular-shaped products. 

Moreover, you can use this material to cushion the products. However, this material is eco-friendly and recyclable. Customized material is suitable for packing luxury items like biscuits and frozen food. 

2-   Double Wall Pink Corrugated Boxes

 These boxes are good for heavy products. Double wall corrugated bin boxes are durable and versatile. 

Double layer boxes are eco-friendly and cost-effective. So, it could be a perfect storage choice for heavy-duty products for extra protection.  

Additionally, its rigid Kraft material helps to shape products during transport. These boxes are strong but lightweight and economical. It can handle 30 kilograms easily. You can use these boxes for including:

  • Frozen food products
  • Fragile Electronics products 
  • And Paints boxes 

Importantly, its material is 90 % recyclable. 

3-   Triple Wall Large And Small Corrugated Boxes

These boxes are useful for heavy products. Triple wall corrugated bin boxes are durable and versatile. 

Triple layer boxes are eco-friendly and cost-effective. So, it could be a perfect storage choice for heavy-duty products for extra protection. 

This material is crush-resistant and used for heavy-duty products like automobiles, spare parts, heavy electronics, and gym machines. 

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