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Common Challenges You Need To Face While Team Planning

In a workplace, every manager or team leader dreams of having the perfect team and the perfect resources and materials that will make any project a booming success. But to make that dream a reality, one has to face unending challenges and hurdles along the way.

Rarely ever do things go according to the plan and when they don’t, it causes chaos. In order to have an efficient team planning system, you need to ensure clear communication among all the members.

Did you know that 75% of employees regard teamwork as “very important” but only 18% get communication evaluations on their performance reviews? If you are participating in team planning yourself, these are some of the challenges you need to look out for.

1. There is conflict among teammates

No matter how much you try to smooth things out, there will always be a bit of conflict among teammates. But in many cases, conflict and differences of opinions can trigger healthy discussions or debates.

Team Planning

But as a project leader, you will have to handle this very carefully. Teach your teammates that having a clash of opinions is fine, as long as everyone respect’s each other’s viewpoints.

2. The engagement is low

Nothing can bring down the success of a team as much as low engagement can. If you notice that your teammates don’t seem to be willing to commit to the work, you need to boost their morale.

An interested and committed team will participate willingly and understand the workings of the project. This is when the project will be handled successfully. On the other hand, if the team engagement is low, nobody will be enthusiastic to work.

3. There are no good resources

In order to make your team planning smooth, you need the proper kind of resources and software. A lack of good software can cost you a lot of time and money. If you want all your documents and data in one place, use

It automatically syncs all your files and makes sure everyone stays updated. From features like timesheets to capacity management, Runn is your ideal partner in project planning.

4. Communication is poor

Another big challenge that you might have to face is poor communication. This can either be among teammates or between teammates and yourself. Ineffective communication is often the root cause of project failure.

If you don’t ensure crystal-clear communication, nobody will have any idea about the updates of the project and the whole team’s output will be jeopardized. So make sure everyone can stay in touch via calls or emails.

poor communication

5. You turn a blind eye to poor performance

Do you notice a particular team member working poorly but you are unable to say anything to them? Well, keeping quiet can cause a lot more damage. Inferior performance is another challenge that you simply cannot afford to ignore.

In these cases, you must talk to the concerned teammate politely and let them know that they have to do a better job. Be supportive and encouraging instead of being harsh.

6. Your teammates don’t listen to you

Another big challenge project leaders often face is that their subordinates refuse to listen to them. As a leader, it is your job to make them understand that they are supposed to listen to you. You don’t necessarily have to be rude or bossy but the message that you’re the person in charge should be sent to everyone else loud and clear.

If you don’t showcase adequate leadership qualities right from the start, team planning is going to be very difficult.

7. There is role confusion

When the responsibilities overlap or there is confusion regarding what to do, it can often create chaos throughout the team. It threatens the team’s cohesiveness and ability to work smoothly.

In order to overcome this challenge, assign specific roles to each member right from the start. The roles should be based on their capabilities and skills. Next, explain each role to each member thoroughly to avoid confusion.

Over to you…

Working together in a team means sharing and exchanging ideas. The more open everyone is, the better the project will be. This is why you must make sure that all problems are sorted out right from the beginning. If you face a problem that you’re unable to solve, speak to your superiors about it and reach a conclusion. Only when everyone works together will the output be flawless. 
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