Collection Of Star And Bars Bracelet Designs By Bling King

A collection of stars and bars bracelet designs is a staple of hip hop jewelry. Johnny Dang, a watch repairman by day, is credited for pioneering the star and bars trend. He has created pieces for rappers Kevin Hart and Rick Ross and even made a Guinness World Record for a five kilogram 24k golden egg. Read on for more information about Johnny Dang’s eponymous company and the people behind its unique style.

Bling king

About Bling King London: How to Dress for Success and to Make an Impression in London

When it comes to fashion, confidence, and elegance, we’ve learnt one thing: Don’t let fear get in the way of your brilliance. If you’re truly excellent at something, keep at it and you’ll succeed. Your wildest ambitions are attainable.

Star And Bars Bracelet Designs

The old adage goes something like, “dress for success and success will find you.” Fashion jewellery designers in the UK have never seen something like us before. We’re here to bring something new to the table: a blend of glistening jewellery and a cheerful outlook on life.

That Makes You Stand Out

If you really desire something, you should act like the person in your imagination. As soon as you put on the right attire, it can happen. In the words of every successful person in the world, believing in anything implies carrying out your positive vision.

Observers’ perceptions of how successful you are are based on what they see. Make your mark on the world by deciding how you want to be viewed, admired, and revered.


Our fans are transformed by our jewellery. Your friends, yourself, and the world at large can all see that you are here to succeed, not only in the form of one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

Johnny Dang pioneered the star and bars bracelet trend

Johnny Dang is a famous jewelry designer. Known as “The Jeweler to the Stars,” Johnny is well known for creating diamond encrusted mouth pieces, which influenced singers such as Nelly and Paul Wall. The song ‘Grillz’ elaborated on this jewelry trend in the entertainment industry. Famous people who have worn diamond encrusted mouth pieces include Paris Hilton, Hugh Heffner, P.Diddy, Kanye West, and many others.

Star And Bars Bracelet Designs

Johnny Dang began as a watch repair technician before moving into the jewelry business. He envisioned a brand that would become as influential in the entertainment industry as he himself was. Today, the company is recognized worldwide and has created pieces worn by countless celebrities, including Kevin Hart, Rick Ross, and Eminem. The company has even made it into Guinness World Records with a 24k five-kilogram golden egg.

GoldTeethGod is a hip hop jewelry maker

Ian Marks, a 23-year-old LA native, started making hip hop jewelry in 2013, and his designs are as imaginative as the rap stars themselves. In 2013, he created his first grill, composed of five-carat lavender diamonds, which he sold for $25,000! Today, Marks’ jewelry is a staple on rap stars’ wrists.

As hip hop culture has become more mainstream, the type of bling worn by rappers has also changed. The importance of big stones has risen. Rappers like Lil Yachty and Drake spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their jewelry, making their collection look dazzling and extravagant. Similarly, 50 Cent’s spinning G-Unit medallion flashes back to rap’s dominant era. Other prominent rappers with elaborate and eye-catching jewelry include Travis Scott and Cam’ron.

Greg Yuna aka Mr. Flawless

The ‘Mr. Flawless’ of the jewel world is a native of Queens, New York. This jewelry designer is a favorite of athletes and musicians. His blinged-out designs include a customized black diamond Chuck Taylor sneaker pendant. Aside from his jewelry line, Greg Yuna has worked with several companies, including Nike, Fila, and fine artist Naturel. His star and bars bracelet collection is no exception.

Star And Bars Bracelet Designs

As a high school dropout, Greg Yuna is fast rising in the world of jewelry. He earned his nickname as “Mr. Flawless” after designing a necklace for Floyd Mayweather. Since then, Yuna has been designing jewelry for top athletes and celebrities. He also has a large social media following – he has over 500k followers on Instagram and over 5000 followers on Twitter. Moreover, he has taken part in the prestigious Art Basel show in Miami to promote his jewelry.

Angel City Jewelers

The Los Angeles based company Angel City Jewelers is known for creating pieces for celebrities such as Post Malone, who wore his gold grillz in the music video for his song Too Young. Other notable celebrities who have endorsed his designs include Trey Burke of the Utah Jazz, fashion designer Michael Costello, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member Bizzy Bon. Angel City jewelers’ collection of star and bars bracelets is sure to become your favorite.

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