Can CBD Vape Pen Help You Wind Up Better After A Tiring Day?

Did you know more than half of Americans start their day with a cup of coffee? Yet most of them find it hard to cruise through the day energetically. Though coffee can keep you up for a more extended period, there are other ways to boost energy levels and end the day on a good note. 

These days CBD (cannabidiol) vape pens have become highly popular as a coffee replacement for increasing energy. CBD is the legal component of the cannabis plant, and by quantity, it is the 2nd most easily available component in the cannabis plant. Yet it is extracted from the hemp plant owing to legal reasons. 

So, can CBD Vape Pen help you wind up after an exhausting day? We will talk about it later. First, let’s see what a vape pen is and how it works. 


What is a CBD vape pen?

CBD vape pens are vaping devices consisting of a CBD oil-containing cartridge, battery, and a pen-shaped device. Vape pens are often known as e-cigarettes in which the oil is heated, and then smoke is produced. And the user inhales this smoke. 

Vape pens are among the fastest delivery methods as the smoke directly reaches the lung’s surface, and from there, it gets mixed into the bloodstream. Moreover, the bioavailability of CBD is the highest with vape pens. Due to this, CBD is more potent in vaping than any other delivery method, even in less quantity. 

Can CBD vape pen increase energy?

People can feel low on energy due to various reasons such as tiredness, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, it can also cause a lack of energy and low concentration due to chronic illness, irregular sleep cycle, and diet. While a cup of coffee pumps caffeine into your system, a dose of CBD helps in supporting the brain area responsible for keeping you energetic. 

Research says vaping CBD can increase focus and boost energy without any side effects. According to an article in Frontiers in Neuroscience, CBD may increase the body’s metabolic activity, thus churning out nutrition from the food to the fullest. While low metabolic rate is often associated with low stamina, a high metabolic activity can rapidly burn out nutrients giving instant energy. 

Another study based on the same theory, when tested on rats, gave similar results. It found that- CBD could activate the brain’s neurons responsible for alertness. 

Similarly, in a simulated study published in the Behavioral Neuroscience journal, scientists gave CBD to some specific areas in the brain. They found that CBD activated the receptors responsible for waking us up. 

A 2015 randomized, double-blind study with a placebo group found that CBD can improve facial emotion recognition. This study indicates the CBD’s ability to enhance cognitive function and concentration. 

According to a study in Clinical Psychopharmacology, CBD could also affect nocturnal sleep and early morning energy levels. The researchers of this study point out that sleep controlling effects of CBD are dose-dependent. CBD may be a stimulant in low doses, but it will work more like a sedative in higher doses. 

Moreover, vaping CBD can also counteract the sedative effects of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Due to the impact of CBD, participants experienced more alertness at night. 

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How CBD vape pens help in boosting energy levels?

Energy isn’t something that can be seen; rather, it is experienced. So, there is a high chance of getting an increased concentration level with vape pens. CBD oils in vape cartridges stimulate the brain and other parts of the nervous system to give energy. Thus, it helps calm the nerves and lower the stress and feeling of anxiety. 

So, let’s see how CBD vape pens work?

CBD acts in the human body by using neurochemical pathways that promote full-body balance.

The human body has a unique regulating system that works alongside the nervous system, and this system binds with the cannabinoids produced inside the body- the endocannabinoids. Together, these endocannabinoids from the endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulate the pain sensation, sleep cycle, appetite, and immune system. 

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So, vaping CBD stimulates the receptors of the ECS, which in turn boosts the mood and increases focus. Apart from the regulating mechanism of ECS, vaping CBD also affects the body through neurological regulation. In neurological regulation, CBD helps the body balance dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. 

While dopamine is associated with happiness, an increased level of serotonin may help with depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Moreover, unlike caffeine which boosts energy directly, CBD regulates the underlying cause such as irregular sleep cycle and stress. 

CBD strains for energy: 

Like regular marijuana products, many CBD strains are available in the market. However, the misinformation related to these strains is also there, and when it comes to CBD and energy levels, the misinformation is manifold. So, let’s bust some of those misinformations. 

It is a well-known fact that CBD is extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant, which depending upon the strain, the CBD oil will be either CBD dominant or THC dominant. The THC dominant strains are highly euphoric and cause sleepiness. Due to this, either choose a CBD dominant strain or a balanced CBD-THC strain. 

The dominant THC strain helps increase focus and uplifting mood; simultaneously, they don’t cause any significant high. Besides the dominant strain, one should also focus on the terpenes that determine the aroma and flavor. 


CBD vape pens are pretty helpful in dealing with tiredness and loss of focus. Moreover, some strains may also help boost creativity, and the higher bioavailability further helps increase the effects of CBD. Moreover, CBD vape pens may also help provide some relief from chronic pain, mental disorders, and much more. 

Besides, vape pens are also easier to use and fast to show effects, and on top of that, it is a safer alternative for smoking. 

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