Camping Essentials: 9 Things Not to Forget to Carry

Camping is a fun, recreational pastime wherein people spend time outdoors, amidst nature, especially in hilly or forested areas. Campers typically stay in tents specifically built for this purpose or in modified vehicles, such as camping vans.

Camping began as a rugged, back-to-nature activity for nature enthusiasts, but it has now evolved into a normal vacation for millions of families around the globe. Over the last five years, over 7.2 million families in the United States have begun camping.

Camping has its own specific rules and regulations. However, there are certain things that a camper needs to carry to experience a memorable camping trip. Now, even if you’re one of the people who makes lists before any trip, there are many things you might forget in all the hurry and haste. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

While rechecking your list, ensure you have all the tools listed below.

1. Sleeping bags

Camping requires us to come out of our comfort zones and reside in nature. And even if you have the best quality tents, you will still need a sleeping bag. 

As most campsites are located in the hills, the temperature may start to drop as night falls. A sleeping bag helps you get a sound sleep at night and keeps you warm. 

Sleeping bags

Plus, sleeping bags can be folded into a small roll which will take very little place in your backpack. So, pack yourself a sleeping bag and trust me, you’ll not regret it!

2. Wet wipes

In maximum camping sites, you won’t find the facility of a bathroom. But you have to keep yourself clean in some way to avoid illnesses due to an unhygienic environment. So, make sure you have enough wet wipes in your backpack to clean your hands, face, and private parts.

3. Batteries

While camping, lighting items like flashlights and lanterns are a must. And for your flashlights to sustain the entire camping trip, you have to carry extra batteries, just in case they run out. They occupy the least space in the backpack, so that won’t be an issue either.

4. Duct Tape

Duct tape is another important object you should include in your camping rucksack. It can help you fix a number of issues that you might face in your journey.

Duct Tape

5. Oil

In camping, campers themselves have to make arrangements for their meals. And for cooking meals, oil is important. Camping sites usually are remote and away from the humdrum of the city and don’t have general stores. So, it is always necessary to carry an extra canister of oil, just in case the others run out.

6. Water

Maximum campers remember to carry enough water for drinking and cooking but completely forget that it is also used for rinsing purposes too. Often, water resources that were supposed to sustain the entire trip are usually depleted within the first three days. Thus, always carry double or maybe triple the quantity of water you believe you’ll need.

7. Hammer or a hatchet

Carrying a hammer or axe with you on a camping vacation has a certain appeal. You’ll find it with most experienced campers, while most novice campers tend to disregard its use. When you have a tool like a hatchet, you can use this to slice more firewood and drive in the nails that will hold the tent. It proves useful at the most unexpected times. You can also explore Clark Rubber to find more camping tools and stuff.

Hammer or a hatchet

8. Trash bags

This item should be on the top of your list. Trash bags are always important, irrespective of the trip you are going on. It is essential for keeping your campground clean and hygienic.

Garbage bags are great for recyclables and wastes, but they may also be used for storing dirty and used garments. So, feel free to take twice as much as you believe you will require for your trip.

9. First Aid Kits

Last but not least, first aid kits are another very important item you should bring on your camping trip, especially when kids are present. A basic collection of band-aids, ointments, painkillers, medicines for diarrhoea, and so on is enough to sustain your entire trip.

Over to you…

Finally, ensure that everything mentioned above is on your next camping kit. Trust me, this time, when you come back with a bag of memories, you’ll definitely thank me!

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