An Overview of Why and How to But Twitch Followers

For those who are avid gamers and cannot think of life without a console in hand, Twitch is the perfect platform to monetize that passion and earn in amounts that they could only dream of before.For meeting that objective though, it is necessary to grow the channel and buy Twitch followersin numbers that can make a major positive impact on the earnings.

But before coming to why and how you should buy Twitch followers, know about the evolution of the platform and the wide reach and scope it has today.

Twitch followers help improve your channel visibility and outreach. Having more followers will
increase the engagement on your streams. A larger following also shows how popular a channel
is and increases the possibility of being discovered by others. That is why Social Growth
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The Twitch Platform

Twitch was launched in 2013 as a live video game streaming platform but later branched into music streaming, curated content, and broadcast of esports events.

In the inaugural year, Twitch failed to get off the mark and was acquired by Amazon, the e-commerce giant in 2014. Soon after, the platform experienced a fairytale rise. In 2015, Twitch had an average of 100 million views per month crossing then leaders YouTube as the top video gaming service in the world. The growth of Twitch continued unabated and in 2020, it could boast of an amazing 1.4 million average concurrent users, 1.5 million daily active users, and 3 million monthly broadcasts.

In 2021, Twitch set new benchmarks as a video streaming service clocking 2.79 million concurrent users, 104,000 average concurrent channels, and 8.54 million monthly broadcasts. Further, Twitch today has the major share of global video gaming Internet traffic at 43%. 

The wide reach of Twitch makes it an ideal platform to earn substantial amounts of money if you can grow your channel. An optimized way to do so is to buy Twitch followers and build up a large following, enough to get noticed on the channel and externally too.

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Why Should You Buy Twitch Followers?

One of the most effective ways to grow your Twitch channel is to add to your initial follower strength in numbers that are large enough to make a major impact on your earnings. The quickest way in this regard is to buy Twitch followers.

The Twitch algorithm is so designed that the popularity of your channel, your gaming skills, and the value you bring to the platform are all related directly in proportion to the number of followers. Hence, when that goes up, your channel climbs up Twitch ranking, increasing the perception of others that value can be had by following you. It is a circle that keeps on widening as you add more followers.  

Let’s see what direct correlation there is between an increase in followers and a rise in your earnings on Twitch.

  • Brand sponsorship: As an Internet-based platform, your followers will be based all over the globe. Regardless of the time, they can join your channel to watch you play. This is the readymade worldwide audience that top companies and brands look for to promote their products and services. When you have a large following, your channel is providing them with this precise opportunity.

It is a profitable situation for both the brands and you. They get access to a wide audience with unlimited reach to push their products with little marketing effort. On the other hand, you are paid handsomely for opening your channel to them. When you buy Twitch followers and grow your channel enough to be noticed, the earning increase manifold in this route alone.

  • Selling personalized merchandise: While brand sponsorship is external to your channel, you can earn lucrative amounts internally too by selling personalized merchandise to your dedicated band of followers. This is how you go about it.

Open a virtual store and stock it with small items like T-shirts, laptop covers, coffee mugs, and others that can be classified as souvenirs. Now, design a logo and a message that is indicative of what your channel represents and have them imprinted on each item. Promote the virtual store on your channel much like what the brand sponsors have done. The more followers you have, the faster will the items empty from the shelves, leaving you with good earnings and profits.

twitch followers

Apart from these two main ways to earn money on Twitch, you can also become a Twitch Affiliate or a Twitch Partner once you buy Twitch followers and have a certain number of them. Both are by invitation only. As an Affiliate, you earn a commission from all sales made through affiliate links posted on your channel. 

How Should You Buy Twitch Followers?

You can buy Twitch followers from sites that specialize in this field. But before doing so, research the Internet thoroughly to identify sites that are genuine and credible. Caution should be exercised in this regard and the following tips will help you make a good selection to buy Twitch followers from.

  • Avoid sites that do not appear genuine. Read the customer testimonials carefully too. Some sites provide fake followers that fade away over time even though you will find a temporary surge in the numbers.
  • Do not use sites that promise a large group of followers in a very short period. These sites use bots and automation to garner followers, a practice that is against Twitch policies. Your privileges on Twitch might be suspended if you resort to this practice.
  • The genuine sites are those that offer customer support 24×7. Since streamers on Twitch are located in every corner of the planet, games are played cutting across time zones. Hence good customer service is important.

There is a lot to be benefitted when you buy Twitch followers for quick channel growth especially to earn in lucrative amounts. 

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