Birthday Celebration: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bouquet

Finding Flowers That Truly Enhance the Party

Beyond coloration, beyond quantity, beyond arrangement, you want to find flowers which resonate with the guest of honor. At a birthday, the celebration is about the individual who has made it around the sun once more.

To choose the perfect bouquet, you have to know what they love and what they’re interested in. We’ll explore some bouquet choosing best practices here.

Flowers to Frosting Designs

1. Coloration is Very Important

If you’ve got somebody who loves the color purple, you want to find bouquets that have a lot of hues in that color family. Here’s a link that can help you choose flowers by color. This is one of the best ways to get something the birthday guest will love. The thing is, the colors you want may or may not be available when you want them, depending.

The good news is, today’s flower industry is worldwide, meaning if you’ve got the cash, you can get any flower you want from anywhere in the world at any time of the year. Naturally, this can be a bit costly. Generally, you’ll be able to find something locally that works.

2. Always Keep Potential Allergic Issues in Mind

Allergies are a wild thing. Sometimes you live your life until your mid-thirties with nary a sniffle, then one year the pollen blooms get out of control and it’s windy; so you’re sneezing the whole season. Well, hopefully, the birthday guest won’t be allergically impacted by whatever flowers you buy them.

To be sure, check out this list of flowers varieties which are commonly known to produce allergic reactions. If you know the person well enough, you’ll be aware of what could trigger a reaction. If you don’t, ask friends and family; or even the birthday guest if you’re savvy enough to do so in a way that doesn’t spoil the surprise.

3. It Can be Worthwhile to Match Flowers to Frosting Designs

Flowers have been a key part of birthday décor since, perhaps, before human records were even kept. In fact,each month has a birthday “flower”. They’re naturally evocative of the human lifecycle. A flower’s bloom is like someone living in the prime of life. Celebrating a new year with floral décor is only natural.

There’s a reason just about every birthday cake you’ve ever seen has floral designs in the frosting. Well, you can lean into that. Maybe what you do is match the floral designs you acquire to what’s on the cake. If you’ve got velvet red frosting in the shape of several roses, you might buy a few dozen roses to place strategically around the table.

Complementary décor is par for the course for any party. Sometimes you want to precisely reflect what a centerpiece is communicating, sometimes you want to totally contrast it. Blue frosting could be complemented by red roses, green frosting might be complemented by yellow tulips.

Flowers to Frosting Designs

4. Flowers as a Gift

Finally, the flowers themselves can be a gift. People love flowers. Ladies tend to be more commonly associated with an appreciation for flowers. Maybe you get several bouquets of her absolute favorite flowers. Maybe you mix multiple types of flowers in a single bouquet. The nice part about this is the decoration doubles as a gift.

Flower Décor That’s a True Enhancement

Flowers can be decorative, and they can also be a gift. Definitely, you may want to lean into that as you go about putting together a birthday celebration. Additionally, if you want to take things to that next level, try and match floral designs to the frosting on the cake. You can do this by contrast or by alignment; whatever works.

Don’t neglect to consider the potential of allergic reactions, and keep in mind the importance of floral coloration. Hopefully, these tips help you decorate a birthday party to perfection.

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